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Medication for ER positive breast cancer


I was on Arimidex (name brand anastrozole) for 8 years after my last breast cancer diagnosis. Even though I was taking the drug, I still got a new breast cancer - one that is ER+ (last cancer was triple positive). The cancer was tiny (5 mm) and was actually totally removed with the biopsy. I had a mastectomy and the cancer is not in any of my nodes. Wondering what type of treatment others received if they were on an AI and still got a diagnosis of a new breast cancer. Did you switch AIs or did you get a different treatment? Thank you.


  • bchmom03
    bchmom03 Member Posts: 10

    I had DCIS stage 0 in rt breast found during a reduction surg., 2/23. The pathology also showed atypical lobular hyperplasia in both breasts. I Opted for a dbl mastectomy. A 4mm ILC was found in the left breast. Nodes negative, lymphovascular fluids around the ILC clear, stage 1 grade. ER+, PR+, HER2-. I am post menopausal at 63. Have not decided to take any AI. My med onc told me that was my choice. He, of course, is not happy with me. I already have osteopenia. Really miss what little BHRT I was using topically. Cannot imagine getting rid of what estrogen my 110# 5’2” body makes. I am doing a functional medicine approach, diet, many supplements and exercise. Lots of prayer and gratitude. I have no chronic health issues and am not on any meds routinely for any health issue. ONCODX test score was low for recurrence, no need for chemo or radiation. I do still have concerns, but the risks of the AI meds seem to out weigh the benefits for someone my age and with the stats of my BC that was found. I am so sorry you have had recurrence even on meds. There needs to be more options for us. A cure would be nice. My Iodine level was low. There is a lot of info on that being a pre-cursor possibly to BC?