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Risk Assessment after removal of radial scar


Hi - My daughter had a radial scar removed at age 39. She is currently 43. We tried to do a risk assessment on her using Tyrer Cusick calculator, but radial scar isn't on the calculator. How do you determine risk if radial scar is not one of the questions on the calculator?. Are there risk assessment calculators that include radial scars? Thank you.


  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 1,076

    Radial scars are rare and there are no risk calculators that I know of that include them. In the Tyrer Cusik calculator she could enter breast biopsy result unknown. From what I have read a radial scar increases your lifetime risk of breast cancer by 1.6%. From my experience I would recommend a manual breast exam in addition to each mammogram since radial scars can hide tumors from imaging. I hope this helps.