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Changes in body shape after double mastectomy and taking aromatase inhibitor

I'm pretty old (age 74), and had my double mastectomy in August 2022 and did not have any reconstruction. I have followed-up with anastrazole daily medication. And even though my body has changed a lot over the years, I have noticed recently that my stomach/abdomen seems much larger. My weight is the same now as before the surgery, just very differently distributed. Has anyone noticed weight migrating to their abdomen? I apologize in advance if this topic has already been covered. I'm a new member.


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    @franmo1949 We welcome you warmly to, and are sorry for all you've been through. It has been reported in studies that people on aromatase inhibitors like anastrozole, often experience an increase in the fat around the abdomen. Would love to hear from others, but we know that many report, as you say, a redistribution of weight. Are you doing exercises to target that area at all?

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    Thank you for your welcome. I did exercises for awhile, but have fallen off. My true joy is walking up and down the hills of beautiful western North Carolina, so I'm pretty fit. I feel silly for my vanity at this point. I have to say that except for lovemaking, I haven't had any problem being flat and fabulous, or should I say, "fLabulous.?" Are there any groups for old women like me on the website?

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    Hi again @franmo1949,

    Those hikes in NC sounds amazing! Good for you for staying active!

    To answer your question, yes we do have a forum for women older than 60 here, stop by and introduce yourself!:

    We hope this helps and look forward to getting to know you!

    —The Mods