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Non Mass Enhancement IDC

hopeful2020 Member Posts: 75

Hello everyone - am back here after a good 2.5 years. This time instead of triple positive, I might be just Her2 (waiting for FISH results tomorrow). I have a 12.1 x 10 x 11 cm NON mass enhancement on MRI that was biopsied to be IDC. They want to do scans to see if anything has spread. Is the norm now CT/Bone Scan and then if suspicious go for PET?

Has anyone had similar findings? If you were Her2+ or TN - what is the current course of treatment?

With many targeted therapies available now - what are the actual chemo drugs used? How many rounds? If recurrence, did you do mastectomy? Is radiation being recommended after mastectomy?

any input you can share - please let me know. Thanks!


  • jonib
    jonib Member Posts: 91

    Sorry for your recent diagnosis. I’ve now had BC three times. When I was diagnosed with number 3, my oncologist wanted me to have a Cat and bone scan which I declined at the time. I found a breast surgeon at a different hospital and she wanted a PET scan which I did do. Therefore, I think it depends on the doctor as to which test they require.

    The current treatment for HER2 positive BC is chemo followed by Herceptin. Some doctors give Herceptin with another immunotherapy drug.

  • hopeful2020
    hopeful2020 Member Posts: 75

    @jonib - Thank you for your response. 3 times!?!?

    Is it the same carboplatin and Taxotere for chemo? I did get Herceptin and Perjeta for a year and still came back! Was yours on the same side? How did your PET scan turn out? Did you have a bilateral mastectomy? I am seriously contemplating it.