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Likely bone metastases after 14 years, how much does a bone biopsy hurt?


My question; How much does a hip bone biopsy hurt after the fact and for roughly how many days?


BC #1 in 2007 5.5cm DCIS (I was refused mammogram as too young and told it was just normal lumpy breast for 4 years)

BC#2 other side IDC 1cm and 4 smaller DCIS's found by mammogram. ER/pR pos Her2 neg, oncotype dx 2

Both cases mastectomy and reconstruction.

I also have follicular non-hodkin's lymphoma (blood cancer) and so get annual CT scans. 2 years ago it picked up something in my left hip (my hip has hurt for a while) but not mentioned on the report. Last June the report mentioned it and said it was more pronounced from the previous year. MRI Dec 2023 for something else and the radiologist said likely metastasized BC or normal aging, Follow up MRI in March 2024 and it was stable but a new one on the head of my femur 2.4cm that wasn't there before. Concluded the odds were extremely high this was metastasized BC. The rest of my body has not been scanned. April 2 a full body scan and April 3 a bone biopsy in my hip (unless they change their mind which lesion they are doing a biopsy).


So how much done a hip bone biopsy hurt after it is done? And for how long?

I have had several bone marrow biopsies for the fnhl, several with crush artifact (that would be crushed bone from trying to poke through my bone to get at the marrow and one time they nicked the sciatic nerve) and they were done with just skin numbing and it was excruitiating. I insisted I needed more than skin numbing for the biopsy this time around so I don't know if it will be conscious sedation (I woke up with that in the middle of when my port was being put in and they didn't believe me and I was in agony as they finished up and then stitched up my skin) and I sure hope it is general anesthesia which I asked for (I'll find out on April 2).

Thanks for any info.


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    My bone biopsy was to a lesion on my upper femur. All I have to say is great drugs! No pain and little memory of the procedure due to Versed, a drug with amnesiac properties. I had an IV through which drugs were run in addition to the skin numbing. It was conscious sedation. I recall no pain at all afterwards though maybe a little tenderness at the site. Overall, pain is not the word I would use to describe any aspect of the biopsy. With your previous experience, I hope they find a way to make you comfortable. Take care