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Anyone Lumpy after DIEP?

nns121317 Member Posts: 110

I had my DIEP on 2/20. My radiated side has been difficult - the skin necrotized, so on 3/18 I had some skin grafting on that side. However, during that procedure it came to light that some of my left flap had died, so they removed that portion (about half the flap). I have my first post-op later this week.

In the meantime, my non-radiated right side healed really nicely. Initially it totally felt like a normal breast, but as time goes on I've noticed there's a significant lump at about 7 o'clock, and I'm wondering if some of this flap has died too. It really does feel like my original tumor, which is unsettling although I'm confident it's not cancer. I never felt the dead tissue on my left side because the skin wounds were so large, no way I was touching that.

I'll ask the surgeon about it at my post-op, but has anyone experienced something similar?


  • abigailj
    abigailj Member Posts: 101

    I had fat necrosis lumps twice after DIEP and follow on fat grafting - first time it appeared a few months after and it totally dissolved over the course of maybe a year. The second time it was in other DIEP recon breast, again confirmed by mammo and sonogram like first time as fat necrosis (never thought I’d need mammo and sono on breast area again!) but taking longer to dissolve- after a year and a half it’s reduced by about half.