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Need guidance please chemo/ cold cap- was donated to me



Breast can stage 2A her2Positive. I had one chemo treatment April 1 didn’t have cold cap- Next treatment April 22 - Some one just donated the cold cap to me. How do I go about using it. Does the hospital have the machine ? Do they charge just to use the machine it self? Any one know how this works. Do I call my chemo team ahead of time to tell them I want to try it? So they freeze them for me? Please any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank You

Gina -


  • mandy23
    mandy23 Member Posts: 111

    Hi @ginna -

    You will need to ask the facility where you are getting treatment what type of machine they have - if they have one. Hopefully they would then be able to assist you with getting it set up. The cost involved isn't only related to the cold cap. The company that makes the machines charges you for each use. Rarely does insurance cover that cost and its not cheap. I believe there are sometimes ways to get assistance in paying for this, but you are on a pretty tight schedule. Since you've already had one treatment without the cap, you might want to evaluate whether it will be worth the cost. Also, it is important that the cap fits well.

    The brand I used was PAXMAN. You can read about them here:

    Another brand is Dignicap. More information here:

    Good luck to you.