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BIA-ALCL Symptoms ??

brcamomof2 Member Posts: 42
edited April 10 in Breast Reconstruction

Yes, I am aware BIA-ALCL is not breast cancer.

I’m having some vague symptoms and what to assuage my fears.

Prophylactic mastectomies in 2012 for BRCA-1 mutation. Sientra high profile textured implants below the muscle in 2013.

For the past few weeks I am exhausted all the time. Not “I worked or exercised” hard tired. It’s a do nothing tired where I could sleep all day.

I do not have noticeable swelling or a mass either breast indicative of a seroma.

I very likely have some degree of capsular contracture in my left breast and have for a couple years. I do have a tightness/inflammation/pain in that breast near the chest wall and what feels like swelling under my left armpit, but that could just be because it is tender.

Anyone on the board with BIA-ALCL? If so, symptoms and how were you diagnosed?



  • mtks
    mtks Member Posts: 61

    Hi, I experience symptoms after symptoms, being referred to and exhausting specialist after specialist for 5 years! My autoimmune markers kept fluctuating along with lymph pain from my chest up In collarbone area, sometimes my throat.the last year, progressively increasing with intensity. FINALLY, after seeing 3 different Rheumatologist, he agreed with me it was the toxicity of my implants and gave me options of having implants removed/ starting on a drug for lupus or taking a prescription that would tame my symptoms. I chose removal. Long story short. I had explant. All symptoms are gone and had autologous breast reconstruction 4 months later. My reconstruction is not completed yet. Still recovering. I had 12 different symptoms by the time of my explant. I suspected years ago it was my implants making me ill. I didn’t know of BII or I would have made sense of it all. Not sure if very many physicians acknowledged BII?. My implants were showing disfigurement and pain by the time I asked for explant and blood work showing inflammation for several years with no direction. Very frustrating when it was affecting my every day activity. I can’t say what to do other than follow your gut. Possibly ask for aggressive blood work. My most recent Rheumatologist said we will work to find out what is causing all your symptoms. Today, after many scans, blood work and visits only 1 doctor will say BII. The others say “ it could of been the implants”. I am symptom free of all 14 symptoms. My blood work was borderline with induced lupus due to the silicone implants but didn’t show clinical symptoms yet. I had my silicone implants for 13 years. Looking back, should of had exchange years ago. It’s different for everyone. Best of luck to you in finding the results you need to address what’s wrong. Hope this helps.