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Her2 recurrence treatments


hello everyone

What kind of Chemotherapy regimens are you getting for a Her2 recurrence after treatment with TCHP first time around? Drugs, cycle and duration?

For your recurrence, what was your time to recurrence?


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    @hopeful2020 We're so sorry to hear you have a recurrence. Can you share more details?

    What are your doctors recommending?

    Typically, Trastuzumab (Herceptin) is the most common targeted therapy drug used for recurrent HER2-positive breast cancer. And if you were given trastuzumab for the original cancer, this drug may be combined with the chemotherapy drugs pertuzumab (Perjeta) and docetaxel.

    However, since you already had it, we are really not sure what they will suggest.

    Hope we hear from others, and consider second opinions if you think that could be helpful!

    Sending you hugs,
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    Treatment recommended is THP (Taxol, Herceptin and Perjeta) for 6 cycles and HP thereafter. I am always skeptical if IHC is borderline on whether HP will be as effective. They have Taxol infusion for 3 hours, Herceptin for 1 hr and Perjeta for 1 hr maybe slightly longer during the first cycle as they call it the loading dose. The expectation is about 6-8 hours for that first cycle including the blood draw. Seems excessive. Do people usually sit through these in the recliner for all those hours? The first time around for TCHP it was 4 hours total and I could lie down in a bed. Maybe things have changed over time.

    I am wondering if this is Her2 low?