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I am thinking of stopping chemo. I’ve got through 3 cycles of TC but have had a shocker of a side effects ride. This chemo was oncotype score 41 driven as catching any left or mop up.
my grade tumour was 3 but node negative. I’ve had two surgeries and will have radiotherapy next.
Anyone else got to 3 of 4 chemo and stopped? I know I’m throwing the dice but just don’t think I can go through the side effects for a fourth time.


  • sheila64_
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  • kaynotrealname
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    No one can tell you what to do and unfortunately chemo's side effects are cumulative so yeah if you were to do a fourth it would be just as bad as the first three if not worse. But it would be done also. You would have completed everything your oncologist wanted you to do. For me that was important. I wanted to do everything that was recommended so that if it came back, I'd have no regrets. So I guess in saying that what does your oncologist think? Do they think it best you stop, too?