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5mg tamoxifen



New here, just finished 2 surgeries and 15 radiation treatments dcis gr 1-2 Er/pr+ her2 neg. I am 65 Just going to start 5mg tamoxifen next Monday Apr 22. Hesitant when they did the pathology on my sample which was very small I had a slight break in one of the Ducts so that changed me to invasive but it was microscopic so my oncologist said 5 mg is fine with him because he has studies showing 5 mg works just as well . He said 3 yrs on it .I want my pap done orior to starting this as its been 2yrs.I live in canada.


  • needs.a.nap
    needs.a.nap Member Posts: 188

    Hi @sue380. Welcome! I’m sorry you need to be here though. But I’m glad you found us and feel comfortable posting. I’m currently taking 20mg of Tamoxifen, and I’m pre-menopausal, so probably no real help to you, we’re apples to oranges :) but I wanted to still say hello.

    You said two surgeries … was that to get better clean margins? It sounds like it was found and removed at just the right time! Phew! How are you feeling? It’s such a whirlwind of appointments and information and decisions. I haven’t researched about 5mg Tamoxifen, but would be interested to know the studies. I’ll have to look it up. Are you feeling good about the proposed treatment?

  • sue380
    sue380 Member Posts: 9


    Thank you for saying hello. I had two surgeries because after the first lumpectomy they found some invasive cancer which was microscopic so I had to have a second surgery to check my Sentinel nodes. They only had to remove one and it was clear of cancer. I am very apprehensive about taking tamoxifen but hoping 5 mg does not give me bad side effects as I have fibromyalgia and I'm very sensitive to any medication. I was on HRT for 10 years so currently I am experiencing horrible hot flashes since I had to go off it last October and just generally feeling unwell.