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FAST Foward radiation treatment schedule option


Hi, this is my first post. I’m also not sure if my dx signature/details automatically attaches to my post. But I’ll add those details if I need to.

I’m in Canada. The radiation oncologist gave me the option of the Fast Forward dosing schedule of treatment. It’s not first in line protocol here yet because it hasn’t been done long enough for gathering stats and data. But according to studies in the UK, it shows comparable efficacy and the side effects the same as a regular dosing schedule.

In my case FAST Forward would be 10 treatments total. 5 whole breast + 5 targeted. ( Or with regular dosing schedule it would be 20 total, with 15 whole breast + 5 targeted. )

I’m wondering if anybody has experience with the fast forward? Are there things I should be taking into consideration for making a decision? I’m leaning towards choosing this option.


  • rideau_wood
    rideau_wood Member Posts: 1

    Hi pearlyeve,

    I'm in Canada as well, being treated at PMH and the 5 fraction regime (+/- boost, as indicated) seems to be standard for early breast cancers. I expected to be through it by now but I had to go back for re-excision after positive margins were found after the lumpectomy I had in January. I now anticipate starting radiation in May. Still waiting for pathology on the second surgery though, so who knows.

  • pearlyeve
    pearlyeve Member Posts: 4
    edited April 20

    Thanks for your reply Rideau. I hope the margins are clear this time for you. I find Waiting for results to be very nerve wracking.

  • birdlife
    birdlife Member Posts: 1

    Hello pearlyeye and rideauwood,

    I too am in Canada and will begin 10 courses of radiation in the next 2 weeks. Whole breast 5 days + boost 5 days. ILC, Stage 2, Gr2, neg nodes.

    I am 6 weeks post-lumpectomy/SLNB and have developed tendonitis (at week 5) in my shoulder along with cording (at week 2) in the surgery arm. Treatment through physio and massage and thankfully the nodes (arm-lifting) will not be irradiated.

    Hanging in there, but I AM a bit anxious of potential new side effects from the rads.

    How you are faring with your rads treatments? Wishing you the best!

  • pearlyeve
    pearlyeve Member Posts: 4
    edited May 8

    Hi birdlife,

    I started radiation on Monday and had my 3rd treatment today. I’m experiencing some redness, tenderness, swelling and very tired. But nothing unbearable. I live 40 minutes away from the centre. So the commute is longer than the treatment itself. I’m glad I picked the FAST forward option of 10 total (5 whole breast,5 target boosts)with the higher dose of radiation per treatment. It would have been exhausting with the alternative of going 5 days a week for 4 weeks.

    I also had the cording develop a week after surgery. Physio has been helpful with that. I found the cording to be quite painful. The worst cord is almost unnoticeable now. But new ones seem to keep developing. I need to research more about whether this will be an ongoing issue. Or does it fully resolve at some point? I’m worried about getting chronic lymphedema though. There is a mild puffiness that comes and goes. So I’ve had one message so far to help with drainage.

    Sounds like we have a common interest in birds (given your user name).😊
    Wishing you the best also.

  • moderators
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