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How often you do PET scan


I am writing this post on behalf my mother, who has breast cancer and is undergoing hormonal treatment. Her doctor performs a PET scan every year. There were nodules on her lung and a lymph node, but with treatment, there has been significant improvement, and the tumor has reduced in size considerably.

Today, she had her PET scan as part of her follow-up. She has no symptoms other than a cough, and I hope it’s just a side effect of the letrozole

I’m afraid of the result, hoping that the disease hasn’t spread more ,The feeling of waiting for the result is terrifying.

If anyone has gone through a similar experience, please comfort and reassure me.


  • amel_83
    amel_83 Member Posts: 145

    Hi, sorry about that.

    I've metastatic breast cancer from two years (not in my longs, at least till now), and I sure had cough during this period, more than once unfortunately.

    Anyways, cough by itself doesn't necessarly mean long metastasis.

    But I know every symptom is scarry…we can just try to think positively and finger crossed for your mom, best wishes

  • fathea
    fathea Member Posts: 33

    thanks @amel_83

    I hope she will have stable scans

    She hates waiting for results and asking me daily if I got any news

    Waiting for the doctor call 😭