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Herceptin and Perjeta after initial 6 TCHP cycle or only Herceptin?


I started TCHP for Her2+ invasive breast cancer in January. I had 6 treatments, every 3 weeks. I had the last chemo part of the treatment (T&C) this week. Whilst I am glad to be done with that part of the treatment, there is still a bit of a road ahead. I have surgery in a month's time. My MO was saying that, after surgery, perhaps we will only continue with Herceptin for the 12 remaining treatments and not also the Perjeta. I would like to understand what the normal course of treatment is in other parts of the world for this part of the Her2+ treatment. I had radiation previously (4 years ago after a DCIS recurrence) so can't have radiation again. My chemo dosage was also reduced after the 1st one as I was highly allergic. And given this is my 3rd diagnoses (1st one invasive though), I feel we need to be as conservative as possible and do the Perjeta too. I want to do anything I can at this stage to avoid a future recurrence or metastases. Really can't do this again. I would really appreciate the views and what others had re treatment. Thank you.