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mastectomy with saved nipples and skin. Implant inserted during the surgery


i recently had my surgery. the surgeon was supposed only to take the cancerous tumour out instead he took all the breast tissue out. It is only a week after the surgery and my chest is completely numb. I do expect some feeling to come back but I worry, what if it is not enough. .i am wondering if any of the new nerve grafting surgeries would work at this point.


  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 8,185

    Hi @shilashila and welcome here. We're really sorry you're experiencing numbness, but that is not unusual.

    You may find this podcast helpful: Reconstruction Numbness After Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction
    [There is also a transcript at the bottom of the page if you prefer to read it.]

    Frank DellaCroce, MD, discusses why numbness happens after mastectomy and reconstruction, how different types of surgery affect numbness and the possibility of sensation returning, and why more research into nerve grafts is necessary.

  • orangeflower
    orangeflower Member Posts: 95

    So sorry to hear this. It sounds like there was some major miscommunication if they gave you a mastectomy and you didn't know this was possible in advance.

    After my mastectomy, I have a little sensation, but not a lot. It's very normal to have not much sensation after a mastectomy.