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Just Diagnosed and Confused

tetiana87 Member Posts: 2

Hello all, my name is Tetiana and I’m 37 years old. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on April 30th, 2024. The initial biopsy returned as DCIS stage 0 both ER+and PR+ in two spots in my right breast. One spot was grade 2 and the other was grade 3. I met with the breast surgeon that same week and we chose double mastectomy as the best option for me since I didn’t want to have radiation or hormone therapy after the surgery. The surgeon ordered MRI to learn more about the cancer. The MRI results came back all clear in the left breast, two spots in the right breast that we already knew of and one “suspicious” lymph node in the right armpit. I spoke with the surgeon again and she called my case “very interesting” since the initial biopsy came back as stage 0 but now we suspect stage 2 at least if they confirm that it is cancerous. So far the plan is still the same for surgery: double mastectomy with reconstruction. After the surgery it looks like there are again many outcomes depending on what the final biopsy shows. My head is spinning again. I started with stage 0 with excellent prognosis and now it’s going downhill so fast! I’m wondering if anyone had the same experience. All I can do now is wait till surgery so they’ll know more. The surgery has been scheduled for June 25th. Is it possible that they didn’t diagnose the stage correctly? I’m so scared there is another undiagnosed cancer somewhere else. I’m meeting with oncologist on June 13th. Maybe ill get more answers.


  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,952


    I ‘m sorry you find yourself in this position and we understand your worries. In a nut shell, the biopsy and imaging provide for a preliminary staging only. Final staging is done based on the post surgical pathology report.
    It’s not going downhill fast and you were staged based on the biopsy/imaging but again, that is not the final staging. Sometimes the post -surgical findings differ from the biopsy. Make list of your questions and concerns so you don’t forget anything on 6/13.

    Is your concern about an undiagnosed cancer related to your current situation or are you worried that you have another type of cancer besides bc?

  • tetiana87
    tetiana87 Member Posts: 2
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    Thank you! I will make a list of all my questions for the appointment with the oncologist. To answer your question, I’m worried about both scenarios: that either this cancer has spread and they didn’t catch it or that there is another cancer not related to this one and the lymph node is related to it, not the breast cancer. The truth is that I know very little of it so in my mind I constantly go through the worst case scenarios.