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Side effect difference going from tam to an ai


There’s a chance I will switch from tamoxifen (2 1/2 years now) to an AI. I am premenopausal but contemplating hysterectomy then switching. I haven’t had much trouble with weight gain or hot flashes on tamoxifen, and I wanted to know if that for sure will change if I switch. Also, is it a dramatic change in side effects or is it like tamoxifen where they can be difficult at first until the body adjusts?


  • salamandra
    salamandra Member Posts: 745

    This is so different for everybody. For example, for me, I had dramatic side effects of tamoxifen that my body never adapted to, and could not take that drug. It sounds like that's not the case for you.

    Some women have tons of side effects, some women have practically none. For some people, side effects fade or can be mitigated with other treatments, for others, not so much. It's literally not possible to know what it will be like for you without trying it.

    One thing you might consider is trying the temporary menopause shots. Also, some women in menopause (natural or not) take tamoxifen because they tolerate better than AIs. Some menopausal women get worse side effects with tamoxifen than with AI.

  • waves2stars
    waves2stars Member Posts: 128

    Thanks for the feedback @salamandra. Trying something reversible at first sounds smart. I had extreme postpartum depression, and suicidal ideation from a short stint on oral contraceptives, so am a little concerned about completely shutting down hormones (though the addition of progestins could just as well have been a component).

  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,950

    I second what salamandra said. It’s simply impossible to predict how side effects will affect you, if at all. For those who do experience side effects, the severity and duration also vary widely. I know of no way to predict any of this in advance. Take care