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which Chemo for 2. Primary Breastcancer Hormonal + Her-


Dear Ladies,

I had Hormonal + Breatcancer in 2009 T1, N1, G3, Her- which was treated with 4 EC and 12 Pacly. And 10 years Tamoxifen as I was 35 at that time.

Now I have a new one in the other Breast (T1C, N?, G3, Her -) and gettin Neoadjuvant TC 6x Chemo. I am still not in Menopause.

No E this time.

I am living in Germany and was wondering, if there are similar cases and what was your treatment?

I amreally suffering under the secon Chemo but am not sure if this is wprking witout the E/A

All The Best Nunja