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Flipping Implant?

shizle7 Member Posts: 9
edited July 7 in Breast Reconstruction

I’ve had my implants now for about 1 1/2 years and have recently noticed that 1 has started to flip-especially if I’m laying on my side or sleeping on my side. I only realize it because it’s physically obvious and I get a strange feeling (I don’t have any feeling in my chest since my BMX).

It does flip back, but since this is new it was stressing me out a bit.

Is this common with implants? I just had my annual visit with the PS and wasn’t sure if I should notify them that this just started happening.

Implants- Natrelle Inspira 745 cc SSF silicone implants (over the muscle)


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    moderators Posts: 8,287

    Hi @shizle7 we're so sorry this is happening! We definitely think that this is important information to share with your PS. It may not be anything they worry about but it's worthy of a conversation.