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Free Mastectomy Bras!


FREE Mastectomy Bra! Just pay for shipping. My friend wants me to donate her mother’s mastectomy bras to a BC survivor. All of them are in excellent condition.I have 14 of them and will list the styles, size and brand below. If anyone wants one or more, just send me a PM (private message), and the first one who responds will receive it. I am asking for $6 shipping since I am on a very low fixed income, and can't pay the shipping for all of them.

I have 10 of the ABC bra, size 36C, style 103. 7 in nude, 1 black, 2 pink-beige.2 of Almost V, size 34C, style 1200, white1 of ABC, size 36B, style 503, cream1 of Anita Valance, size 34C, nude, Style 5705X

These should all be able to be found if you Google for the company. If not, let me know and I can post a picture.



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    @denny123, thank you and your friend for your incredible generosity! For anyone interested in these bras, please refrain from sharing personal information publicly. Instead, send Denise a private message.

    Thanks again, Denise! 🤗

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