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PREDICT: Updated Breast Cancer "Survival Calculator" Tool

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The PREDICT "survival calculator", based in the UK, has updated their algorithm as of Spring 2024 to include additional data inputs such as progesterone receptor status, smoker status, metastases status, plus an option for patients who accept or decline radiation. This tool may be helpful to those that're newly diagnosed and making treatment decisions.

When using this tool, be sure to consult together with your doctor, because any info that is mistakenly entered can throw off the entire calculation, causing undue stress!


  • katg
    katg Member Posts: 223

    It is interesting. I put all my info in and 92% like me will live to 10 years. I suppose i would like to see if genetic mutations play a part. My cancer was removed 2.5 years ago. 93 without chemo. Interesting, as more drugs need to be added as they said. I had Lynparza and Herceptin and Perjeta infusions 18 times for one year. How much does that factor in for my survival and does it? All the therapies, as there as so many treatments being offered in 2024 will make this more valuable for people like me. My genetics and possibly pills like Lynparza led me to MDS in late 2023. A bone marrow transplant in April.

    Who knows what my years possible are now?