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Posted on: May 2, 2021 09:33AM - edited May 2, 2021 09:37AM by jons_girl

Posted on: May 2, 2021 09:33AM - edited May 2, 2021 09:37AM by jons_girl

jons_girl wrote:

Hi Friends: (Sorry for lengthy post)

I recently got blood work results back. And some of my numbers are higher than normal.

My Alk Phos numbers seem to keep going up. Starting in 2017 at my cancer dx timeframe my number was 70 then May of 2020 78 then sept 2020 jumped to 92 then Jan 2021 102. Feb 2021 114 and April 2021 110. It's gone up quite a bit

I had my alk phos isoenzymes tested too. That test is supposed to show where the elevated alk phos is coming from. It showed it's coming from my BONES not from liver. Liver alk phos is normal

So I'm a little concerned. I've been having joint/bone pain for awhile now.

I am NOT ON a AI inhibitor, haven't had rads or chemo and no tamoxifen so I know the pain isn't from meds or anything like that

My blood CALCIUM has jumped from the 9s to now 10.2. So I don't know if that's concerning??

It's interesting that I have OSTEOPENIA and my calcium blood level is high. Strange.

My PARATHYROID test showed a level of 22 I think in normal level. But my Calcium was high at 10 again.

Just sharing because I'm concerned. Maybe this is nothing to be concerned about. I've never had my bones checked other than a dexascan.

But I'm wondering what type of scans I should ask for?

Should I have bone scan AND parathyroid scan?

I've read some of the parathyroid threads and wonder if I have issues?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts!

Breast cancer at age 49. Felt tumor. Wasn’t caught on mammo even after feeling tumor. Ultrasound caught my cancer. Dx 6/2017, IDC, Left, <1cm, Stage IA, Grade 1, 0/2 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2- Surgery 7/5/2017 Lumpectomy; Lumpectomy (Left); Lymph node removal
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Sep 5, 2021 03:40AM jcp wrote:

Hello Jonsgirl and all the wonderful people posting! I have had parathyroid nodule since about 1994. They tested it and said just monitor it. I have done that with the exception of some years , maybe 5, ( I know waaaaay too long) I have been checking it yearly since 1994. On last visit last year, my endocrinologist said go to every 2 years now. Originally I was told it was a nodule on thyroid not parathyroid, and we had to do this test to see if it was "hot." Supposedly it wasn't and dr said monitoring only. This is JCP from probably a year ago when they did ct scan of lungs after xray showed few things. I was a nervous wreck. I think it was elaktasis with a calcified nodule in the hilar area and possibly something else. They eventually found out that I had the one calcified nodule in hilar area. After going back to compare xrays and CT scan that I forgot I had done in 2013( when I had chest pain while teaching and went via ambulance to ER)!

Do I need to checkup labs for the things most are mentioning here due to possibility of ca? Thyroid or breast? I had br ca Oct of 2005 right after I was married and my son and I moved from where I had lived 30 years. All of my family and friends were there, too, that I left . It was especially hard not having Mom so nearby. I could walk to her home! I didnt know a soul except for my new husband and little son! Both were great though! It was tough on both of us being just married only since July, and leaving my family and friends in this situation didn't leave me much support here! Anyway, saying hello to Jonsgirl and all beautiful hearts here! ❤🦋🐞😎 I wanted to also acquire a little background on this topic. I have to remember how to private message someone when needed. I pray 🙏 that everyone of you does well, and some day we won't have to fight this battle anymore due to a CURE!

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Jan 17, 2022 09:48AM purple32 wrote:

RE: It's interesting that I have OSTEOPENIA and my calcium blood level is high. Strange.

NOT that strange...usually means it is not as much in the BONE , but in the bloodstream ( not good) Wish I had known this many yrs ago - I have osteoporosis now. I hope this helps. Knowledge is power!

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Jan 17, 2022 11:13AM seeq wrote:

purple32 - have your docs checked your PTh (parathyroid hormone) levels? I had two bad glands removed last year and my calcium level dropped right back down to where it should be. No more of my body taking unnecessary calcium from my bones. I added calcium supplements, as instructed, and I'm hoping for improvement on my next DEXA scan.

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