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Posted on: Jul 23, 2022 09:23PM

Posted on: Jul 23, 2022 09:23PM

morwenna wrote:


My triple negative breast cancer was nearly 10 years ago, and I have been well, but a few weeks back noticed a pre-existing mole on my left shoulder/upper back was changing in appearance and texture, and now it's been removed I'm diagnosed with stage 1b melanoma.

It needs a wide local excision to clear margins, which I'm ok about, but I'm waiting to hear from the cancer centre to discuss sentinel node sampling to stage it accurately.

It's my previous breast cancer side and I had 1/4 positive sentinel nodes back then, followed by another 7 from my axillary- all negative. I do have mild lymphedema.

So I'm a little nervous about where they will take the sentinel nodes for my melanoma, whether this will exacerbate my lymphedema in the left arm or trunk, and whether the fact that I have previous axillary node surgery will have any bearing on the melanoma spread.

Has anyone been through anything similar? Coming up up 10 years cancer free after triple negative breast cancer, I kind of thought I was done with cancer! 😳

Any thoughts or words of wisdom or support gratefully received! ❤

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Jul 24, 2022 05:13AM rah2464 wrote:

Morwenna so very sorry to hear about your melanoma diagnosis. I remember when I was first diagnosed my MO telling me that BC and melanoma were related cancers which tied in with my family history.

I haven't had your experience but I also have mild truncal and arm lymphedema after having four nodes removed. I did experience a flare up after a revision surgery in 2020 when we did a bit of lipo to try and fill out around my implants. But lipo is aggressive and makes sense that it aggravated my lymphedema. Are your surgeons aware of your lymphedema? Certainly I would think there is a chance you can aggravate it but perhaps the medical team can take extra precautions to reduce impact. Hope the surgery goes very well for you

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