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Long wait for results-is that bad?

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Today is a bad day for me -- I have been waiting since last Wednesday for my biopsy results --  they said it would take a week -- maybe less -- but the longer I wait, the more I convince myself that the results will be bad --- if there was no cancer, would it take this long?   I feel like it is taking longer because they found something and have to keep looking at it --

Did anyone wait a week and get good results?   I am so nervous....




  • Unknown
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    The only reason it takes so long is a) the lab is backlogged and getting tests run b) the results are sitting in the docs inbox for whatever reason.

  • ADK
    ADK Member Posts: 752
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    Here's my story - I had two excisions - the first one was the diagnostic one and then a second to get clear margins & SNB.  The result from the first one were back to my surgeon within a week, but she didn't tell me about them until I saw her a week after that.  I had a fit about that and told her to let me know the results as soon as she did.  I got really antsy after a week and started calling her office.  Finally, the day before I was going back to her for a post-surgery check up (now 13 days), she called me with the results.  What she explained to me was that the cancer was obvious in the first surgery and showed on the first test, but with my second surgery, they actually got less cancer out so they had to keep doing additional tests to determine that there was no additional cancer.  In my case, the wait was actually a good thing.  I hope that's true for you.

  • roseg
    roseg Member Posts: 15
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    It's my totally random opinion that bad news travels faster than good news so a longer wait is a good sign.

  • LisaSDCA
    LisaSDCA Member Posts: 178
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    After my biopsy, I got the confirmation that it was cancer within 48 hours, After my bilat. mastectomies, it took nearly two weeks for the all clear to come in. That one was worth the wait!


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    I've had lots of biopsies over the year and have had to wait more than a week for good news many times.  In all likelihood the lab is just backed up.  I also think if it's bad news you are more likely to hear quickly because it's important that action be taken.  For good news, they are more casual about getting the results out.  I know that my doctor is very prompt at calling if there is anything suspicious in my results but when everything is fine, my report gets shoved to the bottom of the pile and he calls when he gets to it. 

    Try not to worry.  There is no reason to think that it's bad news just because it's taking a while to get the results.

  • myrenewal
    myrenewal Member Posts: 19
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    I agree with Rose that bad news travels faster than good news - I was told my biopsy results would take about three days - when my doctor's office called me the following day by noon and said I needed to come in, I knew I was in trouble.  Sure enough - they already had results that the biopsy was positive.

    Hope you hear good news soon!

  • ophelia
    ophelia Member Posts: 4
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    Hi mamhop, I've been reading your posts and I know how stressed and worried you have been.  That's wonderful news. I couldn't be happier for you.  I know you still have the other side to contend with and I know you have been struggling with choices and decisions.  I hope this good news brings you some comfort.  

    Be confident in you're decision making.  Only you will know what is right for you.  Trust your gut and once you've decided don't look back.  I've been struggling with PBM for sometime and I have finally reached a decision.  Its been hard but I know its the only thing that will bring me peace.

    I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

    Sending you many hugs....  

  • yellowrose
    yellowrose Member Posts: 181
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    MAMHOP,  I considered the double mastectomy due to extensive family history.  The surgeon recommended only the unilateral. Several family member pushed for the bilateral.  I spent two weeks wrestling with my thoughts and fears.  I finally decided that I just wasn't ready for a bilateral if the second breast was healthy.

    You know that I had the scare like you in the healthy breast but I am going to be extra diligent about checkups and SBEs.  Hopefully I'll live like my one-boobed grandmother who was a great joy in my life.

    Make the decision that is right for you and don't look back.  Look forward to your future.  God Bless.  Stacy

  • Catherinemk
    Catherinemk Member Posts: 5
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    I had u/s guided biopsy last Thursday, I received a call first thing this morning (Monday) and was told that the surgeon would like to talk to me about my results tomorrow (Tuesday). All this in 5 days.. I am nervous about this because last year I had 2 biopsies done and it took 2 weeks to get a call about the results which were benign. And I am using the same surgeon I had last year. This wouldn't mean anything, right? That I'm reading too much into ths