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Please Pray for Dawn & Mena

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This is one of the saddest and most heartbreaking posts I have ever had to make here....over the weekend I received the news that Mena's daughter Dawn had died suddenly and tragically. Her death is a shock to everyone in her family, especially Mena, with whom she had a very special bond. 

Mena was not Dawn's birth mother. She became her Mom when Dawn was a small toddler. Mena became step mom to two children by marriage approximately a decade ago. She had no children  but became fully devoted to these children as though they were her own. Their birth Mom suffered from mental problems and addictions and was basically removed from the picture during their entire childhood. Mena was their only real Mom.

Mena was diagnosed with Stage IV mets approximately four years ago; shortly after this diagnosis her marriage fell apart and her husband moved out, but his children continued to live with her and she continued to take care of them and raise them despite her illness and discomfort from endless rounds of chemo and treatment. Last spring her son Richie, who was by now a teenager, moved out and in with his father. Dawn stayed with Mena and the strong bond between the two of them continued to deepen. Last Mother's Day (May 2007), I will never forget the poignant story I heard Mena tell me about the surprise Dawn had created for her. Dawn got up early, prepared a special pancake breakfast, set the table with flowers, a card, and a present, and had a special morning with her Mom. This meant so much to Mena.

Last summer we heard that Mena's chemo treatments had stopped working and her financial circumstances forced her to give up her house and move in with her mother who lived in another town. Dawn moved with her, but the adjustment to a new school and new friends was very difficult for Dawn, who had just turned 13. By this time Mena was very ill, and had been given just a few months to live. Mena was too ill to continue to be a proper mother to Dawn, so she reluctantly sent Dawn back to live with her father, and return to be among her friends in her home town.

This news has come at a great shock to Mena, her family and her friends...I too had grown very fond of Dawn through her thoughtfulness, loyalty and kindness to her Mom. She will be dearly missed. I think this is a reminder to all of us that breast cancer affects not just its victims, but it can have tragic consequences for their children and families. Please keep Dawn and Mena in your prayers.


We are all one family; what affects one affects us all in some way or another. 

Anyone who wishes to know more about this should contact Mena directly, via PM or phone. 




  • TenderIsOurMight
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    Like a lightening bolt from heaven, tragic news abounds here with urgency of late.
    I am so heartbroken for you and your family, Mena, upon reading this.
    Mizsissy, how gracious of you to rise to the task of relating such sad news to our community.
    My sincere condolences, 
  • jpann39
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    Im so very sorry!!!!!!!

    My prayers are with you and Dawn.


  • shokk
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    Mena I am so sorry to read that you have lost Dawn..........will keep you and your son in my prayers...........Shokk

  • livesstrong
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    Mena - Sending prayers & hugs your way.


  • KLynn
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    Mena, I am so very sorry for  your loss...There are no words that could take away your pain, but please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. You are very loved here, and have many friends wanting to help you. If you need to talk please pm me, I would love to listen..I can't even think of how much pain you are in, my head can't even hold that thought.. It just breaks my heart. I'm sure you made the best years of Dawns short life,  it sound like you had a bond that most mothers would love to have with their children. Bless you and your family, hugs KLynn

  • Sige
    Sige Member Posts: 334
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    Oh my God mother should outlive her child.  Thinking of you hon and sending you comforting hugs.  You've always been the best to me!

  • lizws
    lizws Member Posts: 789
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    Oh Mena, I am so sorry.  I am wrapping you in all my love and prayers. 

    Gentle hugs


  • spar2
    spar2 Member Posts: 3,631
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    Mena, my heart is breaking for you.  So very very sorry.  Hugs and prayers for you.

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Member Posts: 183
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    Mena, I'm so, so sorry to hear of your loss! Hugs and prayers lifted up for you, my dear...

  • AlaskaDeb
    AlaskaDeb Member Posts: 1,159
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    Mena - I'm Sorry just doesn't seem to be enough!  no one should have to go through what you now are enduring.  Please remember that there are many people holding you close and praying for you. 

    When I was firs diagnosed you were one of the bright lights that helped me to understand that I was strong enough to deal with cancer.  I know this is not the same, but I hope you will take some comfort in knowing that care you spread around is coming back to you now ten-fold.

    Gentle Hugs

    Deb C

  • Odalys
    Odalys Member Posts: 929
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    Dear Mena - I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter.  May God carry you during this difficult time and give strength to get through the days ahead.  Love and hugs,

  • BethNY
    BethNY Member Posts: 74
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    Mena- words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss.  I know you loved Dawn so very much.  Sending you gentle hugs.  I am so, so sorry.

  • jaybird627
    jaybird627 Member Posts: 1,227
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    Cyber hugs being sent.......

  • jaybird627
    jaybird627 Member Posts: 1,227
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    I have Mena's (perhaps old?) address if anyone wants it.

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Member Posts: 33
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    Thanx you all you so much for your heartfeld prayers.  I don't think Mena has seen this yet but I am sure one of you will let her know... Also, she was going to find a photo of Dawn for me to post....

    Hugs to you all..


  • kimf
    kimf Member Posts: 14
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    I'm so very sorry for your loss. I don't have the words to express how sad I am. Hugs being sent your way.


  • jansdaughter
    jansdaughter Member Posts: 6
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    Mena, you were a regular poster when I joined the boards for my mother in 2005.  I have two daughters and I cannot imagine the pain and grief of losing a child.  My heart aches for you and I am so very sad for your loss.  Dianne

  • sam52
    sam52 Member Posts: 431
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    Mena......Thinking of you and sending cyberhugs.

    No words can say how sad this is.

    Sam xx

  • ravdeb
    ravdeb Member Posts: 277
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    So sorry to hear this news...

  • Unknown
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    I'm so sorry to hear this.  It is always sad when someone so young sees no hope for the future.  :(

  • FitChik
    FitChik Member Posts: 392
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    Mena...I hope that you received my voice mail messages, but if not, please know that my heart is so breaking for you and that you are very much in my thoughts and prayers.


  • Mary-Lou
    Mary-Lou Member Posts: 630
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    May God be with you and your family at this time .


    Sorry for your loss

  • shrink
    shrink Member Posts: 131
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    Mena, no words will do but sending love, light and healing in your direction.

  • PuppyFive
    PuppyFive Member Posts: 539
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    I Love You...............and Sweet (((((Dawn)))))

    Will call You,



  • neesie
    neesie Member Posts: 1,110
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    Wow.......I offer my prayers and thoughts to you, Mena.  All I can think of to do is offer you a huge hug and a soft shoulder.  I've been where you are today and if you need or want someone to talk to, just pm me.



  • socallisa
    socallisa Member Posts: 10,176
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  • celia088
    celia088 Member Posts: 975
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    Mena, I am saying prayers for truly sorry to hear about Dawn. you have been thru more than i can even imagine and you still find more courage.

     hugs, celia

  • Calico
    Calico Member Posts: 16
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    words cannot express my sadness over your loss, I cannot imagine your pain.....

    Love and prayers to you!!!!

  • [Deleted User]
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    The words that keep going through my mind are words that I heard in highschool English class, when we learned about the Elizabethan poet, John Doone,

    "Do not  ask for who the bell tolls,

    It tolles for thee."

    The bells are the bells that tolled when someone died...and the meaning of the message was that everyone's death affects us all, everyone's death has meaning, and this is how I feel about Dawn, that her death happened to tell us something, to teach us something.  That we all belong to a family, and that family is Love and it is good.  

    Dawn, I am so sorry your life was the life that was sacrificed, but in my eyes Dawn is a little saint and she will always be important to me.


  • gsg
    gsg Member Posts: 1,700
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    Mena, there are no words...Dawn was a  wonderful daughter.  I'm so very sorry for you.