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Uneven Nipples after Reconstruction?

TexasGal Member Posts: 2

Okay, I know it's only been three days since my exchange surgery/reduction surgery but I'm curious - The reconstructed nipple (left side) seems to be a bit higher than the repositioned nipple on the reduced right side. Given the fact that both breasts are swollen right now and there WILL be changes as the tissues settle, how often is there a significant difference in nipple location?

I was suprised that my PS wanted to do the nipple reconstruction at the same time as placing the implant. But I'm at a public county hospital so perhaps he's encouraged to combine surgeries as a cost-saving device. Well, we'll see. Thanks for your comments. I'm just curious.



  • Deirdre1
    Deirdre1 Member Posts: 22
    edited November 2008

    Hi Tex!  I had my areola nipple reconstruction at the same time too.. my left nipple is almost totally flat and my right nipple has to much skin...  I am just so sick of surgeries though I haven't gone back to get it fixed.   You have an award winning ps in Texas (if you are near Dallas) let me know if you want his name..  oh and I paid out of pocket so it's not the county hospital thing - best

  • carolsd
    carolsd Member Posts: 17
    edited November 2008

    My PS did everything in one surgery too. My nipples are uneven, and it bothered me at first. But not so much anymore. Hardly anyone sees them so I haven't elected to do anything about it.

  • PhyllisCC
    PhyllisCC Member Posts: 18
    edited November 2008


     My nipple does not match either...although it looks really good.  Not sure what I'll do about it.  My rt breast looks wierd as the implant is square at the bottome (thin skin).  My PS wants to wait (a year???) to go back and fix it.  So I guess the nipple is the least of my problems.  It does camoflage (?) the scars.  And I look great in clothes.  So tired of surgeries.  Phyllis

  • TexasGal
    TexasGal Member Posts: 2
    edited November 2008

    Thanks, ladies, for your feedback. I feel better about my uneven nipples. I'm sure that they'll settle down after all the swelling's gone and the healing is further along. After all, it's only been just over 4 days since my surgery.


  • lvtwoqlt
    lvtwoqlt Member Posts: 765
    edited November 2008

    Tex, I had bilat done and my ps likes to do the nipples about 6 weeks after the exchange. Unfortunately, my nipples were also uneven, one about 1/2 inch higher than the other. When they tattooed them it made it even more pronunced, they made the areolas even across but the nipple on one side was off-center. The one that was too high shrunk more than the other one. But I went to a different person to touch up my nipples and she was able to visually move the one nipple small nipple down with 3-d effect coloring.


  • mammalou
    mammalou Member Posts: 293
    edited July 2014

    can they fix uneven nipples?

  • bnita
    bnita Member Posts: 16
    edited July 2014

    After my procedure one of my nipples flattened out. ps said he could repair the left nipple becauuse flattened out by redoing it and adding tissue to it. Not sure why he didnt do this process to begin with. Not sure I want another procedure cutting and pulling.  Is there another procedure like fat injections.

  • SchatziRogowski
    SchatziRogowski Member Posts: 1
    edited April 2019

    any feedback on this

  • shemariewil
    shemariewil Member Posts: 1
    edited May 2021

    Two weeks post op from nipple reconstruction and areola tattoo. Right nipple off...pointing too far to right and lower than the left nipple. So much marking and erasing marks and redoing marks and asking me if they were in the right spot. I had it done at a teaching hospital and the residents and Fellows marked me up with my PS making final marks.

    So here is what I'd like to put out here for those considering this final touch up. Do your homework. I'm kicking myself for not speaking up. From my bird's eye view, they looked “off" but there were measuring tapes and geometry and isosceles triangles all over my body. I thought they knew best. I've read some PSs send their patients home with the stickers for EKGs to place them beforehand, little silver dot marking the spot. How nice would that have been.

    Another thing I noticed is my pocket is much tighter after the nip recon. So I doubt there is any correction that can be done. I know our bodies aren't symmetrical and I have beautiful scars I'm quite proud of, but darn it...I wanted this one near perfect. So they aren't meant to be twins, they are sisters each with unique characteristics and I'll learn to love them, always grateful.

    Anyone else have newly reconstructed nipples? I'd love to hear your experiences.