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My donation has been made In honor of all the wonderful friends I have made @ BC.Org

Merry Christmas to all, wishing and praying that we find a cure in 2009.



  • whoopsiedoodles
    whoopsiedoodles Member Posts: 224
    edited December 2008

    I made my donation in honor of our beloved chemo sister, Kimberly Piccione (from the November 2005 group).  She left behind a very loving husband and young children. 

    Merry Christmas, dearest sisters.  I love you all and praise GOD for bringing us together!  Love and prayers, Deb

  • HensonChi
    HensonChi Member Posts: 68
    edited December 2008

    Merry Christmas!  I am glad to run across people that say Merry Christmas instead of happy holidays.  Take care everyone!

  • spar2
    spar2 Member Posts: 3,631
    edited December 2008

    Merry Christmas breast friends.  I will make a donation the last day of the month (pay day) for Shelly and Sedgymum.

  • yellowrose
    yellowrose Member Posts: 181
    edited September 2010

    I made my donation because I received so much support here.  I would like to be there for every woman and man who needs the valuable support that is offered on the main site and the boards.  I have added to my monthly donations list and though the gift is small, I hope it helps to continue its vital mission. 

    Merry Christmas and God's Blessing to you all.

  • journey
    journey Member Posts: 62
    edited December 2008

    Because of this board"s existence I have found some sanity in dealing with this disease.  I am honored to donate to help keep this going and keep in touch with my bc sisters.  Merry Christmas to us all!

  • Northstar
    Northstar Member Posts: 31
    edited January 2009

    My husband and I donated to this site because it was the only place we could find complete information on all aspects of this journey.  I made the donation in memory of my friend, Ramsey.  We thank all who are responsible for the depth and quality found here.