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Estrogen Positive, Progesterone Negative, Her2 Negative

LCS Member Posts: 3

I am going to see an oncologist tomorrow.  Does anyone else ER+ and PR-?   It is my understanding that taxomxifin is not as effective due to being PR- and an Aromatase Inhibiter is more effective. 

My Oncotype DX score is 26.  I wonder if I should have chemo.  From what I have read it does not seem like it would be that helpful. 


  • jpann39
    jpann39 Member Posts: 92
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    Sorry you have need to find a place like this but you have found a wonderful place to find information and support!!!!!

    Im taking tamoxifin but did try one of the AI's but the side effects were rotten for me.

    What has your oncologist recommended as far as treatment for you??? Has he/she recommended on the chemo? I think a 26 Oncotypedx score would be enough to make me seriously think about doing the chemo....although there are other things they consider too...

    I dont know the answer to your questions about the er+/pr- and the hormonals, but I do know that to take AI's you have to be post menopausal...

    Im sorry Im not much help here for you but others will be along soon that are more helpful I promise!!!!



  • revkat
    revkat Member Posts: 122
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    I hope Otter chimes in here soon. She is pr negative and I think her oncotype was about a 26 too! I do remember reading something about tamox not working as well with pr neg, but I'm not sure where that was. If you are postmenopausal it is likely that an AI will be recommended anyway.

    Does your diagnosis need updating? If you only have DCIS you shouldn't have gotten an oncotype test.

  • auriga
    auriga Member Posts: 119
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    Hi LCS,

    I am also ER+, PR- and HER2-. I also had a 26 oncotype score. My onc recommended chemo for me and then tamoxifen. I am premenopausal though.

    He didn't say anything about the PR score affecting the drug choice. I know from my own research though that some doctors believe the tamoxifen is not as helpful with the PR negatives. And then of course, some believe it does not make a difference at all. That is the maddening thing about all this. There are so many different opinions.

  • LCS
    LCS Member Posts: 3
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    Thank you for your responses.  It feels good to know others who have similar tumor markers.  I did change the diagnosis to IDC from DCIS.  I checked the wrong box.

    I found an article on line from the Journal of Clinical Oncology (Oct. 2005) in which they found that women who were ER positive, PR negative benefited much more from aromatase inhibiters than taxoxifin.  I am post-menopausal. This afternoon I am going to see a breast cancer oncologist.  Naturally I'm hoping he will think that an AI will be sufficient.    

  • LCS
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    After my visit with the breast cancer oncologist, I decided against chemothrapy.  Chemo would only give me 2-3% less likelihood of recurrence over 10 years.  And so now I'm going to start radiation and then go on Femara.  I'm relieved to now have a plan and I can get started. I'm glad I went to a breast cancer specialist.   

  • deniserogge
    deniserogge Member Posts: 1
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    It is quite a long time you wrote this posting but I read it now because I am exactly in the same situation:

    Estrogen positive, Pro negative and Her2 negative

    And: OncotypeDX score 26.

    How are your experiences without chemo? I struggle to decide that now…



  • kaynotrealname
    kaynotrealname Member Posts: 346
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    Hi Denise! There is a thread for ER positive, progesterone negative Breast cancers here where you can probably get a lot of information. I would just put in estrogen positive in the search engine and see what comes up.

  • meow13
    meow13 Member Posts: 1,363
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    I had 2 tumors one ILC one IDC each 1 cm and er+ 95% and pr - less than 1% her2 negative. My oncodx score was 34, I chose no chemo and did 4 years AI drugs, been NED over 10 years.