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Honoring my sweet sister Julie


I donated money because I wanted to honor my sweet sister Julie, who passed away in April 2008. We did everything together, even battle cancer at the same time. But it was her time to go.

I'll miss her always and there will forever be a hole in my heart.

This board was the only thing that got me through both my diagnosis and hers. I wish I could give more.

I love you Jules!



  • Mazy1959
    Mazy1959 Member Posts: 254
    edited February 2009

    How wonderful of you to do this..hugs, Mazy

  • anianiau
    anianiau Member Posts: 11
    edited February 2009

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I think donating is a wonderful way to honor your sister's memory. Did your sister post here too?

    My sister was diagnosed in June 2008, & I was diagnosed in October 2008, so I have some sense of how sisterhood & cancer can come together for support. You are right, there will forever be a hole in your heart. Though I hope you will find other supportive friends--and I believe she would wish that for you--no one will take her place.

    Hugs & aloha.

  • Triciaski
    Triciaski Member Posts: 7
    edited March 2009

    I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. I have a twin sister (not identical) and now I've been through BC, I worry so much that she will get it, too. I can only imagine the hole in your heart, Mitzi.

    My sister was and continues to be my rock throughout this journey, but I pray she will not be joining me on this particular path.

    God bless both you and your sis!

  • Indigoblue
    Indigoblue Member Posts: 23
    edited March 2009

    Dear Mitzi,

    I lost my sister last year, on Valentine's Day.  I have Triple Negative Breast Cancer, and my sister's actual cause of death, is unknown; however, I suspect an aggressive Breast Cancer, like mine.  She was the closest person to me, in birth, life, and death.  I struggle with her loss, and nobody actually realizes how losing her was like losing all of who I am.  The heartbreak is so devastating, I rarely talk about it. 

    One of the few people I connected with after diagnosed December, 2005, was Cal gal, Julie.  She, among a few others,  were helpful in ways I can never repay.  You are lucky to have a sister as beautiful, true, and gentle as your lovely sister.  Thank you, so much, for expressing your love, remembrance, grief, and sorrow.  I know how deep the feelings you are experiencing go.  Beyond words, description or imagination. 

     I hope things get better for your as time goes by.  It's been a long road.  I would give anything to have my best friend & sister back with me and her children again.  She is in a better place...I am not religious, but she was a Christian, and believed in happy places after death.  It somehow keeps me from suffocating and giving up all hope and faith in living.  I guess I can thank her optimisms, honest heart, and eternally wise spirit for giving back the knowledge that she is no longer suffering. 

    Thank you...and take good care of yourself.  Your sis is and will always be by your side!