losing color in areola with movement

Hi girls! I am so scared and frustrated. About 7 weeks ago I was experiencing a sensitive nipple and feeling a little anxious about a possible reccurrence. I went shovelling a few days later because husband was sick. Shovelled heavy snow and then did  a new tape for turbo jam with weighted gloves. Did first 10 to 15 minutes twice 2 days in a row, trying to learn routine. Injured tendons and muscles in right side where I had lumpectomy and 10 lymph nodes removed. Looking back I wonder if I subconsiously overdid it because of fear. Ended up in emmerg with great pain in breast and arm. Sent for ultrasound of breast, came back clear. Had mri a few weeks later, came back clean. Still have some pain in armpit and arm, but not nearly as bad. What is frightening is areola has faded. It has some color in morning but loses almost all color with movement. Been to a new GP 3 times requesting to see surgeon or onc. Been to emmerg. 3 times. GP thinks theres not much to worry about since mri and ulrasound were clear. Had a chest xray looks good but I am still experiencing tenderness in breast and areola is still losing color daily. So frustrated. Moved here in October. Still havent seen new surgeon. I hurt myself badly and swelling and muscles and tendons are healing but I still have pain at back of arm/shoulder. Any suggestions!