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Herceptin & Nails-When will they improve?



  • sweetp6217
    sweetp6217 Member Posts: 116

    My last Herceptin treatment was on 7/5/18 (12 months) and I began taking Hair, skin and nails with biotin, etc. Didn't do anything for me. My MO is leaving it up to me to try to figure out what OTC's to try. One pharmacist I know mentioned trying a nail strengthening nail polish and I think I have some. Now to find it. Worth a shot since nail polish odor isn't bad for me anymore. One big toenail is almost back to full growth, but the other one is much slower; odd.

  • lynnellen
    lynnellen Member Posts: 2

    Just make sure you aren't taking levothyroxine for your thyroid if you start taking biotin. The biotin throws off the thyroid tests.

  • lynnellen
    lynnellen Member Posts: 2

    Just remember, ladies, you can't take biotin if you're on levothyroxine for hypothyroidism!

  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 12,997

    This is a very old thread - but I'll just add my update.

    I iced with peas through TCHP, but I forgot to do my toes the first time. I never lost my big toenails, but they detached and I got a fungus under them. All this was in 2013-14. Fingernails turned out fine after taking BIotin for a year. So I went to a podiatrist for a year, but refused oral prescription fungus meds. I used a topical prescription KARA gel. I had to change to shoes with a huge toe box so they didn't rub on my nails. Things were going pretty good, but this year I've noticed that the big toenails are again not attached all the way to the end. FIVE years down the road. Time to see the podiatrist again.