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I Donated to


In honor of my grandmother who lost her fight Jan/08 and for all the women on this board, this site helps so many women in their time of need!


  • ihatesnowihatesnow
    ihatesnowihatesnow Member Posts: 8
    edited April 2010

    if you have a computer you can help this research group .....its out of the university of Washington.......join us if you can.....but you do not have to join just to read the message boards and the research being done with computers

  • otter
    otter Member Posts: 757
    edited April 2010

    ihatesnowihatesnow, please delete your post.  It's not appropriate in this thread or on this forum, which is intended for announcements of donations to  If you'd like to promote your favorite research group (which is what nearly all your posts do), then please do so elsewhere.

    Yours truly,


    [Edited to add an update:  Thanks so much for removing the post.]