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PinkRibbons Nascar in honor of my Mom and Best Friend

PinkRibbonsNascar, RACE FOR A CUREI designed a nascar called "pinkribbons" with the slogan "RACE FOR A CURE" Please vote for it and it might make it to the 2010 Nascar Race! In honor of my Mom and my best friend Caren. As well as all those effected by this horrible disease. Nascar, RACE FOR A CURE

PinkRibbons Nascar, Race for a CurePinkRibbons NascarPinkRibbons Nascar, Race for a cure


  • jwren
    jwren Member Posts: 3
    edited April 2010

    I am trying to post the photo but it will not work.

  • dreamwriter
    dreamwriter Member Posts: 678
    edited May 2010

    You have to go through something.... l like photobucket.  But photobucket is having problems.

    My hubby made me a model of the pink car.  He makes model cars.  Works in a hobby shop too.

  • Fergie1957
    Fergie1957 Member Posts: 3
    edited May 2010

    What a great idea!.  Did you have to get permission from anyone to do that?  My daughter drives a dump truck and wants to paint the boards that are on the back of the dump box pink and put the breast cancer ribbon on her cab doors.  Someone told us that she would not be able to do that without permission from bc organization.  They said because of the pink belonging to bc awareness. However, I am unable to contact anyone of authority or to get them call me or her back.  Do you think something like that would be allowed?  Please advise if you can.  She is very eager for this to happen.

  • sweatyspice
    sweatyspice Member Posts: 13
    edited May 2010

    Fergie - it seems as if someone is suggesting the pink ribbon is a trademark protected logo.  It seems unlikely (in my opinion) but I suppose it's possible.  The easiest way to check would probably be to do a trademark search through the US Patent and Trademark office website -  If you're really nervous and want to be completely thorough you should consult a trademark attorney.

    If it actually is Trademarked, I can see that there might be a problem with NASCAR, but is anyone really going to sue over pink ribbons painted on a dumptruck?  I'd think worst case scenario they'd probably just make her repaint over it. 

  • lvtwoqlt
    lvtwoqlt Member Posts: 765
    edited May 2010

    The Komen Pink ribbon (running ribbon) is a trademark protected logo. We had a designer in our town want to do pink ribbon furniture to help fund free mammos in our county for un-insured un-employed workers but was going to have to pay a large fee to use the running ribbon logo on the furniture.


  • sweatyspice
    sweatyspice Member Posts: 13
    edited May 2010

    Komen may have trademarked a "running" pink ribbon and/or several different pink ribbon trademarks, but they don't "own" the pink ribbon/bc concept.  I just checked the uspto database and there are 618 records found containing "pink + ribbon" many of which are breast cancer related.

    I still think anyone seriously considering doing a pink ribbon thing should consult the trademark database at, and if the project is something where REAL money or visibility will be involved it's probably wise to consult a trademark lawyer.  

  • Johnny26
    Johnny26 Member Posts: 1
    edited June 2010

    Try hosting your image to imageshack or photobucket then copy the url in the insert image box..hope this helps.