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My Mom


  My donation to Breast is in Honor of my Mother, Frances Miller. She died of Breast Cancer in 1983.  At that time there was no support of any kind for women facing this horrible ordeal. I know she would thing was such a wonderful resource.  In addition to losing my mom to it, I had 2 maternal aunts who lost their lives to it as well. And now here I am fighting it  too....Stage IV. Been tested for BRAC gene but thats not there!

I just feel fortunate that is here now and such a helpful resource to me with so much caring and support from other women going through all this too. I will donate whenever I can. 



  • Makratz
    Makratz Member Posts: 1,605
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    Judie, we are all lucky to have each other.  I wish you all the best!

  • flash
    flash Member Posts: 129
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    So glad that BCO is here.  what a wonderful way to remember your mom.