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Beesie, for all of her thoughtful and well informed posts

Thank you!  Your posts are so informative and helpful, I have really appreciated them over the last year and a half!



  • sunnyhou
    sunnyhou Member Posts: 8
    edited October 2010

    how wonderful!

    I would agree!!

  • squidwitch42
    squidwitch42 Member Posts: 1,467
    edited October 2010

    oh, that's really great! I could not agree more.

  • CoolBreeze
    CoolBreeze Member Posts: 250
    edited October 2010

    Hear hear!!!

  • ruthbru
    ruthbru Member Posts: 46,910
    edited October 2010

    Wonderful tribute, and very much deserved.

  • Member Posts: 1,435
    edited October 2010

    AlohaGirl, I'm usually not at a loss for words (as anyone who reads my posts knows!) but I truly am now.  Thank you so much.  And thank you to sunnyhou, squidwitch42, CoolBreeze and ruthbru!

  • barbaraa
    barbaraa Member Posts: 3,548
    edited October 2010

    Here's my Hear, Hear!

  • gogaserbia
    gogaserbia Member Posts: 4
    edited October 2010

    Kiss and hugs for BEESIE!

  • pickle
    pickle Member Posts: 70
    edited October 2010

    Aloha Girl: That is such an amazingly thoughtful thing to do. Cheers to Beesie for providing valuable information and for always being so gracious in helping others.


    Beth P

  • claire_in_seattle
    claire_in_seattle Member Posts: 2,793
    edited October 2010

    Thanks for being the "voice of reason" Beesie!

    CAROLMARIE427 Member Posts: 7
    edited October 2010

    Yes Beesie-thanks for being the voice for all we women with DCIS.  I have always been amazed by your knowledge and have become so well informed of my disease because of you.  You are the calm in the eye of the storm.  Hugs-Carol 

  • jancie
    jancie Member Posts: 403
    edited October 2010

    i have aways been a huge fan of beesie!  she would always answer my questions to where they made sense to me when my brain was so screwed up hearing the word cancer.  what an impact beesie that you continue to make on the newbies and others and taking the time to answer our pm's.    YOU ROCK

    KATIEKAY Member Posts: 1
    edited October 2010

    Could'nt agree more. She's Great

  • meglove
    meglove Member Posts: 105
    edited October 2010

    Thanks!! Bessie is GREAT!

  • Bren-2007
    Bren-2007 Member Posts: 842
    edited October 2010

    I love Beesie .. been reading her great posts for years!

  • crazy4carrots
    crazy4carrots Member Posts: 624
    edited October 2010

    We're so very lucky to have Beesie, an expert researcher, on this site. We can always depend on her posts to set us right. Thanks and hugs, Beesie!

  • Drim
    Drim Member Posts: 134
    edited October 2010

    I cannot agree more. When I see that Beesie has responded to a question I get very excited as I know I'm about to learn something new. It is people like Beesie who make this site what it is!! Huge thanks and giant hugs!!!

  • Suzybelle
    Suzybelle Member Posts: 102
    edited October 2010

    Another Beesie fan here...she and Binney are my heroes.  Never get mad, never take anything personally, always have their facts straight and deliver them in a loving, thoughtful manner. 

     One of these days I'm going to grow up and be just like them.

  • thenewme
    thenewme Member Posts: 174
    edited October 2010

    Yep, Beesie's the BEST! 

    Always very thoughtful, gracious, and full of amazing information to share!  

    Thanks a million, Beesie!

  • Marple
    Marple Member Posts: 10,154
    edited October 2010

    Sending my thanks too.

  • jancie
    jancie Member Posts: 403
    edited October 2010

    suzybelle - you crack me up!

  • Suzybelle
    Suzybelle Member Posts: 102
    edited October 2010

    I'm serious!!!  I do the opposite of all that stuff I listed - I get mad, take it personally, make stuff up, and I'm hateful.  Tongue out

     Seriously love Beesie and my hero Binney, though. 

  • Member Posts: 1,435
    edited October 2010

    Barbara, gogaserbia, Beth, Claire, Carol, jancie, Katiekay, Bren, Linda, Drim, Madalyn, Suzybelle, thenewme and Sharon  (and I hope I didn't miss anyone), thank you all so much!

    As much as I love digging through the research (yup, I'm weird) and discovering new information, what's taught me the most are the other women on this board. Reading about what other women have gone through, reading about how others have made their decisions, reading about their concerns and issues, I've come to appreciate how different breast cancer can be for each of us. I can't tell you how much that helps me when I write a post in response to someone's concerns. I don't write just from my own experience but instead I try to incorporate what I've learned from everyone else.

    So I thank everyone for their openness and for sharing their experiences; that's how we all learn more about breast cancer and how to get through this journey.  I also want to share this recognition with all the other "old-timers" who continue to come to the board to offer advice and support.  Being several years past the diagnosis and treatment period, I realize how differently I see things now versus how I saw things when my diagnosis was fresh and I was still going through treatment.  I think that it is really important to have a few of us here who provide this longer-term perspective.  So a big Thank You! to all the other old-timers.  I would mention names but I'm afraid that I would leave someone out. You all know who you are though!

    p.s. Suzybelle, the challenge is in sometimes having to separate what you write from how you are feeling!  Sort of like a duck, calm above the water but paddling like crazy just below the surface.  As long as you don't see what's below the surface, the illusion remains. Wink

  • don23
    don23 Member Posts: 213
    edited October 2010

    I couldn't agree more. Beesie was the first person to answer my first post. She was very informative and I looked forward to her wisdom. Thanks Beesie!

  • DawnRenee
    DawnRenee Member Posts: 12
    edited October 2010

    Bessie was the first lady to answer my cry for help. She was patient & kind & helped me understand my diagnoses more than any doctor cared to.

    I am amazed how much all of the ladies have meant to me over the past 18 months. It's like family, the relationships we've created.

    To you Bessie, I send undying gratitude. You are the most amazing woman & I am sure you have touched more lives than you will ever know.

  • jelson
    jelson Member Posts: 622
    edited October 2010

    great idea AlohaGirl!

    Thanks for prodding me to donate to BCO by starting this thread in honor of Beesie who provides wise, thoughtful, kind, clear and informative responses to our questions.

    Julie E

  • leaf
    leaf Member Posts: 1,821
    edited August 2013

    I'll be very honest here - I think Bessie and I had some disagreement several years ago when I was first diagnosed or had my 2nd or 3rd biopsy, but I really can't remember what it was about anymore. I can remember being angry.  That's all.

    Thank GOODNESS I can't remember. I can't imagine what upset me now.  I must have been in some really crazy place.  Thank goodness she has been so helpful, and, I think she understood that I was in a place that didn't make sense.

    So I'm a real Bessie fan now. Smile  I think she's one of the best writers around, and what really wipes me off my feet is how she knows what she doesn't know. Her heart is in exactly the right place. Her writing is so clear, kind, and helpful.  I'm so glad she's around.  

  • molly52
    molly52 Member Posts: 142
    edited October 2010

    Yeah Beesie!!!!

    I have learned so much from you Beesie.  Not having a science background "the research" is tough sledding for me.  So I really appreciate the "low down" in English and also the knowledge that I can rely on your information.  Thank you Beesie. 

    From another dx'd 2005 Torontonian IDC'er.

  • Laurie08
    Laurie08 Member Posts: 2,047
    edited October 2010

    I agree, thank you Beesie.  You are amazing.

  • otter
    otter Member Posts: 757
    edited January 2011

    (bumping this pro-Beesie post so it's at the top, instead of the SPAM posts)

  • weesa
    weesa Member Posts: 78
    edited January 2011

    Glad to see this revived. I never miss a Beesie post, even though the topic is often DCIS and not applicable to me, I just love the way she writes and thinks.

    Also, a big fan of you, Otter.