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Purple Nipple

NervousInCA Member Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Breast Reconstruction


I've seen a few posts here in the past about purple  nipples after reconstruction however none seem to have mentioned how long it took before the nipple 'pinked' up and became more normal.

6 months ago I had a lump removed from one of my breasts. Thankfully it was benign, however unfortunately its placement and size meant that my nipple had to be removed as well. Last week I had the surgery to create a new nipple (using a local flap from existing remaining breast tissue).  2 days after the surgery the nipple was dark purple and it hasn't changed since (now 6 days post surgery).  I dont have any discharge, no scabbing and as far as I can tell nothing seems to be heading towards necrosis.

I have visit with ps tomorrow but feeling really nervous about whether it will change. How long did it take for the purple to disappear and for your nipple to pink up?  A few days? A week?  Longer? 

Should I be worried at this stage that I'll be left with 1 purple nipple??