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Excessive Drainage after Mastectomy



  • muska
    muska Member Posts: 224

    Hi cb1d, this is an old thread and you may not get responses from the folks who started it.

    Seven weeks is a bit excessive but it happens. I had mine for five weeks at which point my PS said the drains were coming out no matter what, she was concerned about infections. I had no problems once the drains were removed. What does you PS say?

  • Grotonmom15
    Grotonmom15 Member Posts: 1

    I was told that if you were larger to begin with you will likely have drains in longer. I was an A cup and my 2 drains were out within 2 weeks. They also used aloderm for my reconstruction with expanders. I was told that also contributed to an increase in drainage. I did have some drainage accumulate after the drains came out, even though they were not removed until i had <20cc in 2 24 hour periods. They aspirated 75 out of one side. Its getting better with compression. They aspirated 27cc from the other side, and compression on that now too. Im heading back in a few days to see how it is all working. I you have drains in or fluid buildup you need an antibiotic to prevent infection. I am learning a lot but still trying to rest and see if this fluid buildup can slow down...

  • joanconnors123
    joanconnors123 Member Posts: 1

    I was wondering. I have been vomiting all day after my drains were pulled in both breast after breast cancer augmentation. Could this be due to excessive fluid

  • denise-g
    denise-g Member Posts: 353

    joanconnors-definitely call your surgeon.