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Metformin-Anyone on this trial?



  • heidihill
    heidihill Member Posts: 1,856
    edited March 2017

    I was not prediabetic but my doctor wanted me to take metformin. I lasted about a month on a low dose. Good for you being on the drug 5 years, Chemicalworld! You probably killed a lot of cancer stem cells. These days he just wants me to take metformin when I've been indulging too much like during Christmastime. I do that sometimes.

  • fluffqueen01
    fluffqueen01 Member Posts: 1,795
    edited May 2022

    I started in the trial but then they kicked me out as the said one side of my tumor was too small. Mentioned it to my pcp and he thought it sounded interested and said he’d be happy to prescribe it. So I have been taking it for about 7 years. My Onc said there are good things for er people but details aren’t all in.

    The majority of my moms side of the family are all type 2 diabetics, so I figure I’m just being prememptive in a worse case scenario

  • chemicalworld
    chemicalworld Member Posts: 48
    edited July 2022

    Jumping back into this thread as not sure where else to post.

    Saw another (new) oncologist a couple of days ago to follow up on ten yrs out issues, and brought up the metformin again as i'm still on it (1000mg extended release). The MO told me that the studies ended up showing no benefit and most have been taken off it. She did say however that I should have the discussion about how to go off it with my family doctor which I plan to do (not sure if you're supposed to go off this cold turkey).

  • maryjv
    maryjv Member Posts: 269
    edited July 2022

    Chemicalworld, I have been on Metformin 1000mg BID since diagnosis in 2019-my oncologist refuses to order, I go through my PCP who is hesitant to order but a nephrologist I used to work with recommended I take it for at least 5 years! Please keep me posted on what your PCP plans to do!

  • chemicalworld
    chemicalworld Member Posts: 48
    edited July 2022

    maryjv I am being weaned off. I have been on this several years now (well over 5) and while I was previously hesitant, I am feeling ready now and that was the starting point of discussion with my doctor after speaking with my MO. So what my PCP did after I had the discussion, was to reduce the dose to 500mgs ER, will take that for a month and see how it goes, then off.

  • olma61
    olma61 Member Posts: 1,016
    edited December 2023

    I am adding this for information to anyone curious about metformin. I’ve known since joining this board that metformin is one of the drugs given by “CareOncology”, as a complementary medicine protocol and I’d heard about some of the other studies on metformin and BC. I’ve wanted to try it ever since then, although my A1C is still in the “healthy” range it’s gone up into the 5.X range and my glucose readings are much higher than they used to be. Aromotase inhibitors I am on can increase risk of T2D. I also have a family history of T2D so with all that, I’ve wanted to try this drug. My endocrinologist said I didn’t need it but I finally got a prescription from an obesity clinic. I’m only on it a week or so with no SE’s except mild diarrhea which stopped with Imodium. I haven’t told my MO yet, but I intend to keep taking it whether they like it or not.

    Whether it will facilitate weight loss for me I don’t know but I actually feel better, no afternoon fatigue with accompanying desire to snack as a pick me up.

    Worst case, it will level my insulin spikes which can’t be a bad thing. Good luck to all who are trying it!