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  • otter
    otter Member Posts: 757
    edited November 2012

    frankp, I see from your BCO profile that you have a professional interest in diagnostic testing. 

    Could you please explain how serum HER2 monitoring would be of benefit in someone whose tumor was HER2-negative by IHC, FISH, and, if available, RT-PCR?  In a quick literature scan, I was not been able to find a documented indication for use of serum HER2 testing under those circumstances - not one that would stand muster with ASCO, NCCN, or the FDA, anyway.  Are there data to support that use?

    I could try to read between the lines, but I'm interested in your explanation.


  • Dottybird
    Dottybird Member Posts: 25
    edited September 2019

    Just got my past lumpectomy pathology results and I have 3 tumors with 3 different types and different pathology. RO said need to see genetics test results because he suspects genetic type and possible more surgery. I don't want more surgery now. The waiting is killing me. Literally, crushing my spirit everyday. Anyway, the big shock was the core biopsy showed strong ER/PR+ (more than 90%) each and now this pathology shows ER 98+ and PR-. The Ki67 dropped a lot too, but I heard that was common. I am 40 so not thrilled about ovarian suppression either. Should I ask for them to rerun the test? Did anyone have additional surgery based on the hormone receptors?

  • l8blmr
    l8blmr Member Posts: 109
    edited August 2019

    Dottybird, Sorry you had to join this forum, but this is an additional place to seek information. Please see the link below (if I copy & pasted correctly)

    The thread is called Newly diagnosed ER+ PR- HER2- if you can't pull it up. This thread that may answer some of your questions. It is more recent than the thread you posted on. I hope this helps. Wishing you all the best.