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Anyone have problems with fatigue prior to diagnosis?



  • Tinyfrog
    Tinyfrog Member Posts: 15
    edited July 2017

    For several years, I had been actively pursuing medical treatment for fatigue and sluggish immune system. No one ever investigated other medical causes. I was immediately punted to psychiatry, and when I argued that I was not depressed, was said to be so crazy that I lacked the insight and judgement to see my own craziness. What I know is that I had a 2.5cm lump in 2013, that grew to 9cm - and in between that time I had 5 mammograms, 2 ultrasounds, 2 biopsies, and an MRi that said I did not have cancer. I wasn't diagnosed until after they excised the tumor 4 years later in Dec 2016. I still can't get the crazy out of my file, which is massively effecting my cancer treatment now. Literally the hardest thing is not the diagnosis, the chemo, or the radiation but the lack of credibility I have with my doctors. You should not have to go through cancer treatment with doctors that don't believe a word you say because they think you're mental. And if you are one of the many people on medication (is it 1 in 6 Americans now), you still should be treated with respect. I find it incredible that on this thread and others (when google searching fatigue prior to breast cancer diagnosis) that so may women with early stage are saying the same thing. The interesting thing is that it's been a month since radiation ended, and my immune system seems to be picking up. It's like now that the cancer is out I'm not having allergy symptoms, becoming sick, or having to take anti-virals even when other healthy people around me have been getting sick. I'm still tired, but I did just finish treatment. I was grade 3, was multi-focal for DCIS and IDC, had necrosis (dead cancer cells) - but my ki 67 was only 7%. I have this feeling that it had been there for a really long time, but growing slowly.

  • sweetp6217
    sweetp6217 Member Posts: 120
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    Late poster, but YES. I had a hysterectomy in January and felt pretty good for about almost two months since I was off work. But now thinking back, starting in about Mid-March of this year and going forward, I know that I felt very fatigued. I would be catching up on a show/series, then almost suddenly I would get so tired that I could just lay down in bed and just fall asleep. Not hear any reminder alarms to take my night meds and then wake up around 1:30 in the morning. Low and behold, June 2nd, I found a lump. Fast forward to today, I just had my PORT put in and begin chemo in two days.

  • lmbca
    lmbca Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2017

    I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago. I, too, have been feeling drained for at least 6 - 9months. I kept telling my husband I felt really tired but he said it was work. It's true I had been working extra hard and also waking up early every morning (at least in good California months) to take a 2.5 mi walk before work. But this tiredness was different, and I even got a blood test for another minor issue thinking that might hold some answers but it was all normal. I'd try to work from home often just so I could nap! My surgery is next week and can't get here soon enough. The waiting is tough. I'm hoping to get my energy back once this is allbehind me.

  • eastcoastts
    eastcoastts Member Posts: 352
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    Except for surgical recovery, I have had more energy POST surgery than prior. The only symptom I had was that I was very tired for a year or so before, too.

    GOOD luck to you!!!

  • swg
    swg Member Posts: 59
    edited September 2017

    Yup, yup..absolutely, I don't care what the doctors say...I totally have been struggling with fatigue..I can't remember when it started, but I too thought I was just dealing with pre-menopausal symptoms.

    Not the tired feeling that can be remedied by sleep, but just feeling a weight on you that doesn't let you do anything but lie around.

    I'm Stage 1..1.2cm IDC. I only got tested because I had a dimple on my breast that popped out of nowhere, and I googled it, and found out it was a sign of bc. Thank goodness because I could have never realized, had there not been a visible sign.

  • bluepearl
    bluepearl Member Posts: 133
    edited September 2017

    I don't think I had any symptoms...other than my big fat cat stepping on that area and it hurt.....but he could have stepped on your foot and would have hurt! lol. Mine was discovered by mammogram....both in fact. The second one created pain from it to my armpit....was sure I had infected node(s).....nope. And no lump could be felt. IDC too.

  • freeofbreastcancer
    freeofbreastcancer Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2017

    Not any pain but when I looked in the mirror and looked into my eyes I told my husband that something was wrong with me. Of course, he said I looked fine. I was tired and overweight. That was Oct. 2007 and in Jan. Dianosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer. Contained in milk duck and had not spread. lumpectopy and then 6 weeks radiation. Over the years my marker gets out of range and we do cts and no cancer is found. It usually stays in the 40' s. Ideally it should be in the 20's and 30's.

    The big news came in Jan. 2014 when I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer Stage 2. No symptons so how did we find it? My breast cancer marker check came in at 96 and my oncologist said we needed to run tests and we learned it was pancreatic. As it turns out I have a genetic mutation called ATM. Breast cancer had saved my life..A God sent miracle.

    Went to the College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee October 20, 2014. Dr. Douglas Evans is one if the best pan. Surgeon in the world and is a wonderful person and has a fantastic team. All has been fine since. Cancer free and it is Sept. 2017. My pancreatic markers have been in the 20's and this August is was 34. 35 is the top of the range. They told me not to worry as they don't worry until it hits in the 50's. They say markers fuluate and they keep a watch every 6 months.

    I began this journey with faith and will continue with faith. God has brought me through this and layed out my path. You just can't type everything you go thru here. Prayers, faith, my husband, family and friends have seen me thru this. I try not to worry about the pc marker and hope it's like the breast marker and wants to play around. Worry and faith don't go together so I choose God, faith, and prayers!

    Blessings to you!




  • Shenandoah
    Shenandoah Member Posts: 22
    edited September 2017

    Yes..fatigue prior to knowing..I felt like my body was drained of any energy...I knew something was not right...then the lump appeared. Has surgery..feel better...radiation x 3 node cancer


  • Shenandoah
    Shenandoah Member Posts: 22
    edited September 2017

    absolutely .I would fall asleep like narcolepsy..who knew..then the dimpling..

    1 inch .3 weeks radiation to lymph involved


  • vl22
    vl22 Member Posts: 471
    edited September 2017

    I didn't have fatigue but I had extremely dry skin. Never had skin issues in my life, then suddenly had raw itchy elbows and the base of my spine. Also around my eyes. Lotion wouldn't work. Went to Dr and diagnosed with hypothyroidism- medication solved some issues, but not the skin. This went on for over a year - had lumpectomy in June and skin issues cleared up in a few days

  • windingshores
    windingshores Member Posts: 160
    edited October 2017

    Yes, I was fatigued and my am cortisol was actually low.  I also had a rare autoimmune reaction to cancer (before I knew I had cancer, a month before diagnosis) which involved extreme nystagmus (paraneoplastic syndrome). That in itself is proof my immune system was working overtime.

  • tinker-bell
    tinker-bell Member Posts: 40
    edited December 2017

    yes, although I was kickboxing 2 hours a week, I would wake up feeling sleepy and was often low energy. Blood tests all fine. Then my hair fell out in showerfor a month - was told it was hormones. Diagnosed about 2 months later.

  • peacetoallcuzweneedit
    peacetoallcuzweneedit Member Posts: 41
    edited December 2017

    Yes I was fatigued..and I looked puffy - like really puffy - I remember looking in the mirror about two months before I was diagnosed and saying to my reflection "who are you??"

  • radgal
    radgal Member Posts: 23
    edited December 2017

    Yes, I did. I had severe fatigue that I noticed as it was really affecting my running in particular. It was this fatigue that brought me to the doctor's office where lab tests were done. While there, they asked me if I wanted a mammogram. "Not really but since I'm here, might as well" I replied.

    You know the rest of the story.

  • TamaraColo
    TamaraColo Member Posts: 1
    edited January 2018

    Definitely started feeling extreme fatigue prior to my diagnosis. My doctor wanted to check for sleep apnea, but when my breast started bleeding, it was all about cancer. I was diagnosed with Stage 1a, and to be honest, I feel like the bleeding (and fatigue) are what led to the early diagnosis.

  • dlj140
    dlj140 Member Posts: 26
    edited January 2018

    I was just diagnosed 2 days ago. For the past year, I have had no energy, and find myself sitting on the couch trying to will myself enough strength to clean house, do laundry, cook, etc. I work at an urgent care clinic, and would come home so exhausted I would go to bed without eating, because I couldn't get the energy to make a sandwich. On days off, I couldn't do things I normally do. My tumor is IDC, and tiny. I haven't started treatment yet. But this makes so much sense now. This fatigue is different from being tired. I didn't sleep more, just couldn't do things I've always done before.

  • lumpybobcat
    lumpybobcat Member Posts: 23

    I too suffered from fatigue before cancer diagnosis. For about a year I was too exhausted to do much of anything. Found ways to not do errands because I was so tired.

    I'm two weeks out from cancer surgery and I'm even more exhausted which led me to search for this topic.

    Not sure what to think as I'm done with surgery and not under any additional treatment by my directive.