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Pinktober Revolution



  • FireKracker
    FireKracker Member Posts: 5,858

    Statistics and protocol are the 2 words that make me sick....just like was said before we are not one size fits all.

    We are someones mother,sista,grandmother and aunt....

    I have never looked at the color pink with such a dislike!!!!!!!

  • voraciousreader
    voraciousreader Member Posts: 3,696

    What resonated with me, regarding Dr. Brawley's book is the importance of statistical analysis in medicine and the lack of common sense on behalf of both clinicians and patients alike. Furthermore, he doesn't have anything nice to say about most cancer advocacy groups. He is one heck of a brave man. A profile in courage, for sure.

  • voraciousreader
    voraciousreader Member Posts: 3,696

    Granny... Statistics CAN be your friend...

  • Infobabe
    Infobabe Member Posts: 52


    I agree with you.  And not enough progress has been made with breast cancer in the last 50 years.  It's just that some scientific breakthroughs have occurred in the last few years that make me optimistic.

    I guess we are getting off topic and I apologize.  That is the way these threads go, off on a tangent when we touch a nerve. 

    Back to Foctober.  Get a cure. 

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    Infobabe---topics do go off on tangents, but this can be healthy, remember the title is PINKTOBER REVOLUTION,. Revolutions never are accomplished on one issue. Sure I stated slogans, but think what slogans based on principles changed history in the past. Principles start with learning and discussion. Revolutions are created  by informed people coming together for a common cause based on their principles. The posters, here are uniformly in agreement so far, we dislike what happens in October b/c of the underlying issue. I believe the underlying issue is we don't see real advancements and we are dying literally and figuratively. We are maimed by the treatments. We are crippled by our life saving drugs. So tangents can lead to more concensus, consensus more slogans that help define our anger at a system failing us ,our mother, our sisters, our friends. Concensus and revolutions cause change. So, lets keep going  wherever this takes us. Try if you will to add a slogan to each posting , but your thought without a slogan may cause the next poster to come up with a great one.

     Slogan: Who is breast cancer going to kill next?

                             Will it be you?

  • JoanQuilts
    JoanQuilts Member Posts: 265

    The lack of progress in cutting the death rate over the last 20 years is particularly poignant to me because that's the time period during which I have been fighting breast cancer.  I had my first diagnosis 19 years ago in 1992 and my second just this past year, in 2011. Back then I surely thought we would have made more progress by now. 

    As someone else said, I am tired of walking.  Though I just saw that the Susan Love Army of Women  - an organization I TRUELY believe in for its efforts in finding the causes of breast cancer so we can learn how to stop it before it starts - is sponsoring its first 5K walk in Las Vegas this year.  If I lived closer I would so participate.

  • FireKracker
    FireKracker Member Posts: 5,858

    My favorite slogan is when ever you hear the word cancer and your name in the same sentence you life has just changed forever....aint that the truth!!!!!!!

  • julz4
    julz4 Member Posts: 1,373

    SAS THAT ONE is very loaded indeed!

    There is a thread here on stage lV section "what age were you first DX with BC"! Many have posted stage IV & Not since it started in 2009 I believe. 27 pages worth! So the other day out of curiosity on many levels I looked at the first 3 pages JUST the first 3! I wrote on a paper just the ages of DX & DX age of stage lV.

    This is what I came up with.

    89 posts all together on first 3 pages. Of those 38 were METS either from the get go or mostly within 2-7 years after first DX. Although 1 within a year & another 14 years out! The youngest 2 to post were 27 & 29 when fist DX. The oldest was 73. 48 were in there 40's & 28 were in there 30's. The rest were in there 50's & 60's.

    Mind this was only the first 3 pages of "27" pages & only those who want to post of course! Food for thought.....yes I'm sure most if not all this has crossed our minds.

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    Julz4 had a response, but it went to the computer netherworld. Your numbers are disturbing, even more disturbing to the folks on those pages.  Cancer sucks

  • Mini1
    Mini1 Member Posts: 1,309

    Like a Hoover sas-schatzi.

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    Mini and when combined becomes

    slogan: Cancer sucks like a Hoover

  • kyliet
    kyliet Member Posts: 587

    'No I'm not all better now.'

    I finished my radio on Tuesday and already I am sick of everyone saying 'aren't you glad it's all over'. 

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    okay that becomes a tee slogan

    RE:Your stupid question

    Aren't you glad cancer's over

    It's never over. It's just waiting

  • kyliet
    kyliet Member Posts: 587

    I might look good, but I feel like cr*p

  • scuttlers
    scuttlers Member Posts: 149

    On the back: Where have all the millions really gone?

    On the front: Dying for a cure.

  • Stormynyte
    Stormynyte Member Posts: 179

    Dying for a cure.

    That pretty much nailed it right there.

    I'm making this shirt tomorrow. 

  • EnglishMajor
    EnglishMajor Member Posts: 122
    >Let Me Tell You About My Side Effects

    >Neuropathy: It's Not All It's Cracked Up to Be

    >Join the Fight Against Chronic Constipation

    >Thank Goodness I Have Chemo Brain, Because You Look Pretty Forgettable

    >Screw Research, I'd Rather Buy Pink Crap from a Shallow & Useless Group

    >What Part of Incurable Disease Don't You Understand?

  • EnglishMajor
    EnglishMajor Member Posts: 122

     U Can't Spell Metastatic Breast Cancer Without "Me"....

    ...And We Can't Spell Cure Without "U"

  • EnglishMajor
    EnglishMajor Member Posts: 122

    Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®
    By the Numbers: The Facts and figures
    Looking at Breast Cancer By the Numbers
    Breast cancer incidence/mortality

    * 2010 U.S. incidence of invasive and in situ breast cancer: women: 261,100; men: 1,970
    * U.S. incidence of DCIS is now 20 percent of all diagnosed breast cancers - a 7-fold increase from (1980) 4.8/100,000 to (2007) 34.6/100,000
    * U.S. incidence rate: 122.9/100,000
    * 2010 U.S. breast cancer deaths: 40,230 or 1 death every 14 minutes
    * 2008 global breast cancer incidence: 1.4 million women
    * 2008 global breast cancer deaths: 458,503

    In summary: Incidence has risen during the past 20 years from 1 in 11 to 1 in 8, now leveling off; mortality has declined slightly

    but a key point is incidence of stage IV breast cancer-the cancer that is lethal-has stayed the same; screening and improved treatment has not changed this.

    Why numbers make it seem like we've made more progress than we have:
    Mortality vs. Survival

    Mortality numbers tell the story more precisely than survival numbers, and screening skews the survival numbers. The more we screen, the more we diagnose and treat women with breast cancers that would not have been a threat to their lives (some DCIS, other slow growing invasive breast cancers, and others that are dormant or regressive); so it looks like survival for early stage breast cancer is 98 percent. This is only a 5-year survival number-and includes the 20-30 percent of women who will have recurrence and may die of the disease later. For Stage II and III, one-half to two-thirds will develop metastatic disease within five years and they are included in the 5-year survival statistic. Women die of metastatic disease, not primary breast cancer.

  • EnglishMajor
    EnglishMajor Member Posts: 122
    As the National Cancer Institute explains thoroughly on its website:

    Women born now have an average risk of 12.2 percent (often expressed as "1 in 8″) of being diagnosed with breast cancer at some time in their lives. On the other hand, the chance that they will never have breast cancer is 87.8 percent (expressed as "7 in 8″).

    But that is a lifetime risk. Risk increases with age, so the NCI provides a more helpful way of looking at it - for all of those women watching who are of different ages:

    A woman's chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer is:

    from age 30 through age 39 . . . . . . 0.43 percent (often expressed as "1 in 233″)
    from age 40 through age 49 . . . . . . 1.45 percent (often expressed as "1 in 69″)
    from age 50 through age 59 . . . . . . 2.38 percent (often expressed as "1 in 42″)
    from age 60 through age 69 . . . . . . 3.45 percent (often expressed as "1 in 29″)

    Do you see how misleading the "1 in 8″ can be?

  • Surly
    Surly Member Posts: 73

    Only Boobs Think Awareness Cures Anything

    I Proudly Pick Non-Pink Products

    Nap for the Cure

    Komen Bullies Those Who Say "For the Cure" While Doing Nothing to Find One

  • bak94
    bak94 Member Posts: 652

    Infobabe-I do not like to be a pessimist, but your grandmother could have had the same outcome if she were diagnosed today. Out dear friend just lost her life at the age of 34 from breast cancer, after 15 months of being diagnosed. She had wonderful care at one of the best hospitals.

    "Breast cancer still kills in 2012"

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    English Major Thanks so much for your info --invaluable. The statistics in my paternal side with the genetic break coming from the paternal grandmother is hugely different from national numbers , yet we can't get anyone to study it. 21 women--3 aunts,9 first female cousins have had cancer--2 aunts bc, 7/9 cousins had BC. Of the uncles on that side 4 of 7 had cancer, of 24 first male cousins --one had prostate cancer. The first male cousins have gotten off easy by comparison. The range of BC cancer age in the woman are from 40 to 70. Did have genetic counceling , but genetic counselor didn't look at the family as a whole. Otherwise, I think her answers would have been different. She read off a chart of the accepted risk dividing it by families rather  connecting the family as having a common genetic source. So, if Math is part of your skill set. What would you calculate the risk of the remaining 9 women ?

    I guess this is why my slogans sound more ominous than some others b/c I believe the remaining 9 are time bombs waiting to go off.  I was going through an elective BMX process with a clean mammo in Aug 08, Mri with a"bingo" in Dec 08.. It was very agressive and am convinced if I hadn't started the elective process, I'd be toast  now. Anyone that can work the numbers which I think workout to a <  1in 2 chance versus 1/8 chance. Sure seems someone would like to look at our DNA. Primarily b/c there seems to be a sex linkage based on numbers.

    Slogan: Surveillance in the precence of compromising history shouldn't be ignorned--Which i should send to all the cousins.

  • whippetmom
    whippetmom Member Posts: 6,028

    Tomorrow I am throwing out all of my pink tee shirts.

  • mostlymom
    mostlymom Member Posts: 378
  • mostlymom
    mostlymom Member Posts: 378
  • camillegal
    camillegal Member Posts: 15,711

    Ggreat slogans-Barbe good one  and lot of others too--and some really good discussions..Enjoying this thread, just can't think of anything that u can wear outside.

  • Mini1
    Mini1 Member Posts: 1,309

    English Major - I have said it before, but I watched a show that had on a gentleman that was saying his grandmother was considered a survivor because she lived to the 60 month mark. Never mind she died at the 66 month mark, she's on the books as a survivor.

    Stats are whatever the people that publishing them are what they want them to be. It's like I used to say when I was doing budgets. I would make them and then they would get sent back to me marked with changes everyone wanted in various places. I would finally just tell them to tell me what they wanted them to say (for the investors) and I would plug in the numbers. Nevermind that they would be impossible for any of the managers to keep because they were unrealistic. They were setting them up for a fall just to make the numbers LOOK good.

  • Shayne
    Shayne Member Posts: 524

    I need that CANCER CAN GO FUCK ITSELF tshirt!!  Where can i get one??

  • Mini1
    Mini1 Member Posts: 1,309

    How about - Unless you're looking to get slapped, don't say "yea, well you look great."

    Personally, I rather look like hell and not have cancer, thank you very much.