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Pinktober Revolution



  • leggo
    leggo Member Posts: 379

    Komen? They're name can be substituted with the word "cancer" or "pink" on any of the t-shirts already mentioned, as far as I'm concerned.

  • wren44
    wren44 Member Posts: 7,807

    Just saw a T-shirt on cafe press:

    Black ribbon with wings and halo. Slogan Find A Cure. 

  • Infobabe
    Infobabe Member Posts: 52


    Komen is still collecting a lot of money in the name of finding a cure.  I see this like the women's movement of the 60s.  

    Make them put up or get out of the fund raising business and give it to someone who will pursue finding cure.  Komen gives big salaries to relatives and hands out grants, some are good, but some are unnecessary such as camps for survivors.  

    Leadership needs to be ousted and go back to finding a cure.  Protests like thousands of marching skulls will go along way to accomplishing that.  I love it.

  • graced
    graced Member Posts: 22

    Slogan: Stop researching profits and start researching prevention!

  • kaza
    kaza Member Posts: 122

    We have no choice but to keep going hoping for a cure, life after cancer is crap , trying to put on a happy face even on a bad day, unless you have walked in our shoes, good cancer does not exist  i find it very tiring hearing people say this . 

  • Infobabe
    Infobabe Member Posts: 52


    Not hope for a cure, demand a cure.  Back to the trenches. 

  • Kate33
    Kate33 Member Posts: 1,936

    F*CK a Cure, Find a Cause

    That's why I support Susan Love's organization Army of Women (  Here's Dr. Susan Love's quote-

    "The key to ending breast cancer is to learn how it stop it beofre it starts."

    Stop treating us after the fact and find out what's causing it in the first place.  Oh wait, there's probably no money in that.  What the hell was I thinking? 

  • Infobabe
    Infobabe Member Posts: 52


    Day wrote: 

    Pink skull surrounded by the words:

    What good is awareness

    when there is no cure?

    So maybe the pink skull surrounded by the words:

    "What good is awareness 

    Find a cause  Find a cure "

    We still need a cure.  And we need a mechanism to get this rolling.  Does Susan Love have a network to do this?  Can we find a way into the Komen network?  We could if we could get rid of the executives there.

  • EvaPerone
    EvaPerone Member Posts: 14

    All: Only a tiny percentage of research $ goes into Metastatic BC (source: Metavivor website). 

    And I hate the 'survivor' rhetoric. I guess because BC is going to kill me, I'm not a survivor. Or I didn't fight hard enough. Or I wasn't positive enough. 

    We need simple, easy to understand slogans: FUCK PINK, WE STILL NEED A CURE 

  • Kate33
    Kate33 Member Posts: 1,936

    Infobabe- The Army of Women focuses on matching up women with researchers in an attempt to find out what the common denominator is for getting breast cancer as well as the best way to treat it.  There is also the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation ( and this is what she says-

    About the Foundation 
    "The Mission of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is to eradicate breast cancer and improve the quality of women's health through innovative research, education and advocacy. 

    We will meet this challenge by being fast, flexible, and project-based. We will identify needs and determine how these needs can be quickly met, not by emulating existing nonprofit organizations but by designing a new model specific to the tasks at hand. We will find the most effective route to breast cancer eradication, whether it is in the not-for-profit arena, the for-profit arena, or both. We will approach problems by collaborating and coordinating with other organizations. We will facilitate solutions to be adopted by others. 

    The goal of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is to identify the barriers to research and to then create new solutions. With your help, we will achieve our goals—and end breast cancer in our lifetime. 

    More than $4 billion dollars has been spent on breast cancer research in the United States. Yet we still do not know what causes breast cancer or how to prevent it. At the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, we believe that to eradicate breast cancer we need to begin where breast cancer begins—in the breast ducts. The Foundation is engaging in an extraordinary opportunity to focus research on the breast ducts and understand how the breast works. With your support, we will determine how to prevent and eradicate breast cancer once and for all."
  • Stormynyte
    Stormynyte Member Posts: 179

    Great idea, but I would really really like a cure!

    You know the "save the boobies" or tata's or hooters or whatever shirts. They really irk me, so my slogan today is..

    Screw the tata's, Save my life!

  • Mini1
    Mini1 Member Posts: 1,309

    Wren44 - I've been trying to think what I want for a tattoo. I love the ribbon, halo and wings/find a cure idea.

    Infobabe - Anger is a feeling which may or may not be justified. That's not what I am. I am righteously indignant: righteous - arising from an outraged sense of justice or morality; indignant- feeling or showing anger because of something unjust or unworthy. Frustration is also in there. And I believe deservedly so.

    I don't remember who said it, but I love the quote - Well behaved women seldom make history. A pink shirt with Save the Ta Ta's on it may make someone feel better, but it is not saving anyone's life. I am not an angry person. Someone wants to make a buck at my expense, have at it. They will have to answer for that, not me (karma's a bitch, btw). I believe in a higher power and I know that I don't have control of the next car or airplane I ride in, or any host of other things that may take my life at some point. I get that. But as Frederick Douglas once said, Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. 

    We need to stop quietly submitting to the tactics being used against us and make some noise. We need to be the squeaky wheel. We need to make it known that we will not continue to submit to the injustice of the medical/pharmacuetical system that puts profits before people.

    OK, soapbox placed back in closet. :-)

  • Mini1
    Mini1 Member Posts: 1,309

    And I'm sorry if that sounded preachy or pissy. Been one of those days. :-)

  • kyliet
    kyliet Member Posts: 587

    How about:

    Being postive won't fix it

    Being negative didn't give it to me. 

  • kestrelgurl
    kestrelgurl Member Posts: 116

    Sounds fabulous.....unless you have ILC. I know we are a small %, but I wonder how focusing on the "breast ducts" is going to help us.

    Trust me to end up with a form of BC that excludes me from even the good stuff.

    Rough day.

  • Mini1
    Mini1 Member Posts: 1,309

    kestragurl - there is no "good stuff," it all sucks.

  • kestrelgurl
    kestrelgurl Member Posts: 116


    To clarify, I am whining about being seemingly excluded from one of the programs being lauded as one of the good ones. It's no fun feeling isolated even within the BC community.

    I all does suck.....and I am especially dreading my Oct 12 BMX anniversary.

    I hate this. For me and everyone else.

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873
    Mini you are NOT PREACHY or BITCHY __YOU are STRONG VOICE. That is principled by your self education on the subject. PLEASE, do not put away the soap box. But I am compelled for those that are too young or weren't taught in school that the soapbox reference originates from England where people would go to a special park(forget name) with a box to stand on and voice there opinion for all to here. Sounds ridiculous to explain that , but over x number of years, I took for granted the listener understood the phrase, but didn't.
  • Mini1
    Mini1 Member Posts: 1,309

    kestergurl - I didn't mean it to come across the way it did. I apologoze. Just having a crappy day. I would probably feel the same way if I were in your shoes. Again,  apologize for coming across badly. :-)

  • shells43
    shells43 Member Posts: 499

    Hey, you all. I've been getting ready for Pinktober on my shirt website. You can also design your own and contact me just for printing. I use this website because the shirts are so much cheaper than that other mentioned website. Take a peek if you dare...

    It's called SnarkyTs and sale of any cancer related tees triggers a donation to BCO!

    you can also get there by going to . Enjoy! 

  • kestrelgurl
    kestrelgurl Member Posts: 116

    No worries at all, Mini! I didn't have an issue with your comment, just wanted to clarify what I was trying to say. I don't feel like I did a very good job.

    I will admit to having a bad day, too. We are in the dog days of summer out here in AZ and, between that and the damned hot flashes I feel like I am melting from the inside out! ;-)

    I try really hard to be positive and update, but some days are harder than others. On those days, stuff is just a bit ocer-whelming, as we all know.

    Tomorrow is another day, right?

  • Mini1
    Mini1 Member Posts: 1,309

    Thanks ladies. I appreciate you all!

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    We are going strong with both slogans and education from many contributors. I suggest that we invite the supporters of pink and Komen to voice their opinions and understandings of what they are basing their opinions about. That no one denigrates the other. We learn from each other. Only by discourse will we change what is.

     There is a saying in business the 1-10-100 rule. I am going to suggest a different use of the rule. That each person here Go back to there usual threads and encourage people to come here, to learn and offer to us what they know.  You are the 1 who will notify ten others. Then I ask that each of those notify, ten others that will be the 100 informed people. This likely has moved beyond BCO boundries. AS it should if we truly wish to create a revolution.

    I wish I had thought of it before , but if all participants can edit their post and put the slogan in bold. I also suggest that we have the obvious connector of origin that establishes our connectedness. I suggest that in using any slogans that PINKTOBER REVOLUTION be the first line when you have Tshirts and other material printed. It has started here , but it has begun to take on a life of it's own. By using the phrase by this OCTOBER thousands more may have joined what has started here.  As in any revolution it will grow, to recognize each other we need this commonality of union of thought. I will edit the original header, and also try to add Cafe(?) , but that may not be allowed by BCO rules as it would be recommending a business. English Major educated us about the origins of pink  in 1992. Who here knew that? Not I, But I am appreciative to know this info now.  So, let us make sure that our origins can be similarly traced 20 years from now.

     The fire has started. There will be someone that will try as during the origins of pink, to claim or market it as their own.  BCO technicanally owns all that is written here. I doubt that they will go through the copyright process to protect it. Once long ago I was told in writing original material, that I still could protect it by common law copyright by mailing it to myself. If that is true, email the first page to yourself and tuck it away. If someone has better info, please post. But I suppose that has been accomplished by the posting date of the thread.

     Pink in 1992 may of have had an intent to correct the absurdities of BC by awareness. The absurdities have only grown and the original revolution has lost it's way and/or has not grown to realize that the original ideas are outdated and need to evolve.

    All hear are expressing that we want to evolve. I thank all the posters for their contributions. Together the revolt will happen. sassy

  • MondaysChild
    MondaysChild Member Posts: 161

    (Targeted at things like pink KFC buckets, pink shoe laces, Kitchenaid mixers and the NFL)

    Breast cancer is not a marketing opportunity. It is a serious disease.  Act like it.

  • barbe1958
    barbe1958 Member Posts: 7,605

    kestrel, when you say you are excluded from one of the programs being lauded as "the good one" do you mean Herceptin? If that's the case, there are TONS of us who it doesn't apply to. If not that, then what program? Is there something new we need to hear of????

    And I'm sick of organizations saying "we need to focus on the needs" have NO friggin' idea what our needs are if you even have to say that!! How about FREE medical care for cancer patients???? How about SALARY subsidies for those of us who missed time off work???? How about FREE clothing for those of us who had to change 1/2 our wardrobes (the top half, idiot!!)... THESE are the kinds of things we need. Not another friggin' committee sitting around deciding on another walk or run or WHATVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    Billions have been wasted and I'm getting sick and tired of "conspiracy" theories that there really is a cure out there but it would be too cheap. Give me a BREAK!!! IF there was a cure, trust me, we'd have it and people would pay a TON for it. Get over that theory and move on to reality. This is often more about mis-directed money and greedy boards than it is about hiding secrets. Yes, a lot of directors would lose a hefty income if a cure was found, but those kind of people just crawl to another job, leaving their slime as a trail. Don't feel bad for them! Feel bad for US!!!!! 

  • crystalphm
    crystalphm Member Posts: 277

    Kestrel, yes, please explain and educate us to what you mean about not belonging.

    Barbe, good point, this is soooo expensive!!!! Aside from the medical bills. Unbelievable.

    I feel like an inner rage inside of me is quieting to see so many feel as I do.

    I can't stop thinking  about "the only thing pink about breast cancer are my scars".

    When I was first diagnosed, my doctor cautioned me to not get caught up in pink, he knew me well enough to know it would have been very hard for me to cope with. All the pink. All the money going to the wrong place.

  • leggo
    leggo Member Posts: 379

    Well, I thoroughly enjoyed this thread until minds....sick of pink, sick of run for the cure, Komen et al. Now I'm just offended and hurt. Typical. Looking forward to my new hat. Am I marketing? Don't give a sh* makes me feel better. Cya.

  • Bluebird-DE
    Bluebird-DE Member Posts: 1,233

    Want to amend my slogan --- was afraid to post the real message, you will see why, and I don't want to be banned for naming names, I really don't want to be banned..... but....... 

    The founder of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month was established by a British chemical company, Imperial Chemical Industries, of which Astra -Zeneca is  subsidiary....  Zeneca Group PLC, is a bioscience company that manufactures pesticides (including acetochlor, considered a probable carcinogen by EPA), industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals, (including Tamoxifen or Tamoxifen citrate / Nolvadex was $500 million in profit 1997) plus operates cancer trreatment centers in the United States.  I can not post all the links for reference, but this one from 2009 I have had in my bookmarks for well over a year, before I knew I was facing cancer, back when I decided not to use chlorine in our swimming pool when we changed  to H2O2... Zeneca is the leading producer of chlorine which was found to be extremely high in women's breast tissues which I cannot prove w a good reference, but that is moot considering the proof of what else it does.... anyway, the circle began for me, wondering if these in charge of NBCAM could not be trusted with funding and finding the cure, what were we going to do.  


    Pink Tee Shirt Bonfire 

    Zeneca Labs

    October 1st

    Founder info..... 

    And of course it is not just chlorine that could be the risk for cancer, but we are looking at the time when WHAT CAUSES THIS needs to be answered, and seems that the chlorine that is all around us could be the first massive questions, considering all those dying.  But Zereca is not going to take that on.

    Chlorine info..... both irks and troubles me that all we have is a vague study that is not substantiated about chlorine being 50% higher in the breast tissue of women with breast cancer.  Can anyone find actual studies anywhere?  Seems the chlorine issues could have been explored to an extreme degree so we would know.  yes, more than half are infomercials and most say exactly the same.  But there is probably a basis on the breast tissue since chlorine is found by so many researchers to be a real health hazard, putting it mildly. 

  • graced
    graced Member Posts: 22

    That's exactly right Diane!  It's the fox guarding the henhouse and they are double-dipping profits.  They also make atrazine, one of the most widely used herbicides in the United States.  The European Union banned its use because it is thought to be a carcinogen.  But not the United States.  This is the chemical that is responsible for those frogs changing gender.  Essentially their motto is - Just take tamoxifen and don't ask about the toxic chemicals polluting your environment!

  • duckyb1
    duckyb1 Member Posts: 9,646

    Love you gals.......................Fight on..........................