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Stage III Cancer Survivors ...Five + Years and Out.



  • threetree
    threetree Member Posts: 1,031
    edited February 8

    LW422 - Hi, and thanks so much for the hugs and good wishes.

    If I make it 5 years I guess I just don't know now if I'll be a 5 year stage 3 (original) or stage 4 (new) diagnosis. I guess 5 years survival is 5 years survival regardless.

  • kiwimum
    kiwimum Member Posts: 485
    edited February 13

    12 years out and coming back to this website to spread hope. This is where I found comfort and made some amazing friends.

    My daughters were young children and most recently turned 18 and 21 years. On Friday my youngest leaves home for College and we will be empty nesters. There will be lots of tears from me but on to the next stage.

    I am still under regular 12-month checkups with my oncologist and taking daily Examestane due to my lymph node involvement.

    Wishing you all the best x

  • orlando74
    orlando74 Member Posts: 13
    edited March 10

    I remember five years ago when I first started looking at this thread... hoping more than anything I'd still be here. Well, lo and behold I have made it my first five years out with a Stage lllb/c diagnosis! Not only that, my wife and I are expecting our first child, who will be born using a gestational carrier who is a friend, in October!! Thanks for all the support each of you have provided and please remember to dream. Your dreams may not unfold the way you imagined, but they can definitely still happen. Much love to all of you!!

  • threetree
    threetree Member Posts: 1,031
    edited March 10

    Congratulations to you and your wife, Orlando! With all good wishes for the future!

  • kdrake1007
    kdrake1007 Member Posts: 55
    edited March 15

    Like many who posted above/before me, I'm thrilled to have reached the 5 year mark today!

    This community, with the threads on chemo, surgery, radiation, cold capping and especially this and the 15 year Stage III threads gave me hope, encouragement and first hand knowledge of what to expect.

    5 years ago my daughter had just gotten engaged. Last year my grandson was born which was a blessing I could only hope for 5 years ago and I'm so, so thankful!

    Much love to all who are still on the treatment journey and for those on the other side! Heart


  • threetree
    threetree Member Posts: 1,031
    edited March 16

    KDrake1007 - Couldn't be more happy for you - congratulations! This is an inspiration and offer of hope to so many of us. Thanks for letting us all know of your good fortune.

  • kotchaj
    kotchaj Member Posts: 197
    edited March 16

    I'm thrilled to find these threads! Congratulations to you all! Woohoo!

  • inneedofhope
    inneedofhope Member Posts: 31

    It's wonderful to see so many people doing so well. Thank you to all who have shared their stories

    I was wondering if anybody has reached 5 years despite a poor response to neoadjuvant chemo. I'm looking for some hope any inspiration!

  • traveltext
    traveltext Member Posts: 1,048

    Following Neoadjuvant chemo, Mx surgery pathology showed I didn't achieve complete pathological response. I'm now going on 9 years since treatment finished. Still NED. You have plenty of reasons to be hopeful. Best wishes.

  • inneedofhope
    inneedofhope Member Posts: 31

    Thank you so much for the reply. It's really appreciated. I'm so pleased to hear you are doing well.

  • graceb1
    graceb1 Member Posts: 56

    I'm 10 years out now and didn't have complete response to chemo which is often the case with ER+ cancers. It flattened the tumor but I still had a lot left. I had a local reoccurrence when I went off of Femara after 5 years. I'm now on Flaslodex and doing well.

  • traveltext
    traveltext Member Posts: 1,048

    well done graceb1. Congratulations. I’m coming up for 10 next year. My local spread was treated along with the IBC. Like you, the tumor was still active post chemo. Now nine years on tamox and NED.

  • homemom
    homemom Member Posts: 775

    I'm in my 9th year and besides a couple of mammograms scares that turned out to be nothing, I'm doing well. I will finish the Arimidex at the end of 2024 (next year) and I'm not sure how to feel about that!

  • frmthahart
    frmthahart Member Posts: 59

    I am 5 years out today and almost in shock to be writing this. When I was diagnosed (Stage 3A, low ER+, PR-, HER2+++, 4 positive nodes), I would read this thread and others like it hoping, wishing dreaming, praying that I would still be around to post on it. Five years seemed so far away. Here I am! I am doing well and living large. I don’t hang out on the threads much anymore - even though they were what kept me going in the early days. I DO think about the friends I made here and the ladies that supported me along the way. I honor those we have lost and cherish the memories made. There is life beyond breast cancer and I am blessed to be here living it!

  • threetree
    threetree Member Posts: 1,031

    Congratulations frmthahart! I can relate to those early days and thinking that 5 years was so far away, and hoping against hope that I could be here to post on this thread.

    It's been 5 years for me now, and I am posting on this thread, but not as I had hoped, and not sure that this really "counts" as being stage 3 and five years out. Last January I crossed that line to stage 4, but I am still here for now as my 5 year diagnosis anniversary hits. I don't know whether that is stage 3 "five year survivor and out" or not, but here I am. Only wish that I could still say that I am "only" stage 3 and still here. Fingers crossed that I can get at least as much time at stage 4 as I did at stage 3. The odds aren't good of course, but it does happen.

    Hope all of you stage 3 people are continuing to do well and keep chugging along, well beyond this 5 years!

  • dutchiegirl
    dutchiegirl Member Posts: 75

    I am one month away from being 5 years out from diagnosis. Stage 3A, ER-, PR-, Her2+ with 6 positive lymph nodes. My life is great, and I rarely think about those dark days of treatment. My mom just hit her 25 year anniversary of Stage 3C, ER and PR+ lobular BC with 13 positive lymph nodes. It is possible to not only survive, but thrive after treatment!