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Occult Primary with Lymph Node Metastases



  • kbl
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    I started to reply, but I don't have occult with lymph node metastasis. I'm sure someone will come in and say hi. I do have occult but not to my lymph nodes that I know of.

    I'm sorry you had to join, but there are a lot of great women with so much knowledge in this forum.

  • moderators
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    Hi MMinNC, We are so thinking of you! It's hard to hear this diagnosis. This thread where you are posting has been inactive for some time, so you may want to post elsewhere. Anyway, you are NOT alone and there are amazing people here in the community who will help guide you along with all its ups and downs.

    Message any time!


  • nyc250
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    HI Snaffle53,

    I was diagnosed with occult BC in Nov 2016 based on enlarged lymph node. Mammo, ultrasound and MRI all showed no breast tumor. Treated at Sloan Kettering: first chemo (AC-T), then sentinel node biopsy. By the time they did the surgery, all traces of cancer were gone from the node so they only took a total of 3 lymph nodes. Next I had 5 weeks of whole breast radiation and now I'm on Tamoxifen (couldn't handle side effects of aromatase inhibitors). I have been cancer free for almost 4 years now. While I had some complications throughout, this treatment plan worked for me.