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Noticed color change in nipple and areola

NancyKri Member Posts: 1

I am a 53 year old white woman.  My left nipple has always been slightyly flat on one side.  A few weeks ago while taking a bath I noticed that the color in that nipple has started to change from its usual pinky purple to a more flesh type color.  This is only on the flatter side.  This morning, again in the bath, I noticed that the right nipple color is starting to become more flesh colored than pinky purple.  I also noticed that the tip of the nipple was a noticable shade of very light pink.

Earlier this year I saw my doctor because of extreme itchiness in both breasts.  I was diagnosed at that time with a yeast infection and given a cream which helped with the itchiness.  I've had normal yearly mammograms since my early 40's.

Checking now, they both appear the same pinky purple color though there is some flaky skin on the nipple and surrounding area.

Is it time to call the doctor again or do I wait for my already scheduled May appointment?