Hard, immovable lump against chest wall that wasnt cancer?

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I'm new to this board, and hoping to find some relief from my anxiety..

A little bit of history...
3 years ago I found a lump in the upper right area of my breast (2 o'clock)... near the outer edge, against my chest/breast bone... I was 25 at the time, so not overly concerned, but I mentioned it to my OBGYN at my annual physical that year. He was able to feel it to, although it wasn't particularly big... so he suggested going to get a mammogram just to be on the safe side.
I had the mammogram done, and nothing showed up on it.. I'm not sure if that's because my breast tissue is denser being that I am in my 20's... or perhaps it was because of the location of the lump... more against my chest than in the middle of my breast which would show up easier on the mammogram??? I'm not sure..
Anyway, I was seen by a Dr at the breast care clinic who pretty much laughed at me and my OB for being concerned about nothing, and sent me on my way... I was annoyed, but figured because I was younger, it probably was nothing so I just forgot about it.
Over the past 3 years I have periodically kept watch on it.. for the most part it seemed to stay unchanged.. so I got comfortable with it being there and left it alone. It was painless and didn't bother me.

Fast forward to now.. I'm 28, and recently checked the lump again to discover that it seems to have gotten bigger... in my opinion, quite obviously bigger.. I don't have to feel around for it anymore.. it's just right there when I press at the location it's always been..
I immediately got worried.. because I presumed it would just continue to stay unchanged, and suddenly it's bigger...

I have an appointment with my new OBGYN (we've moved states so I had to get a new Dr) this Friday, but like a fool, I began to google breast lumps..and to my horror, the way my lump could be described fits the 'cause for concern' description of every cancer website I've looked at... "hard, immovable, painless lump that feels attached to the chest wall"

I've tried to find any other diagnosis that fits that description, but nothing else i can find fits... cysts are movable and 'softer' etc etc...

MY QUESTION: Has anyone else had a hard, immovable, painless lump near/against their chest wall that turned out to be something benign? What was the diagnosis....?

Any information you can offer would be great... I can't help but feel terribly worried this time round, because if it is cancer, I know that I've had it for at least 3 years undiagnosed... and that petrifies me, because who knows how much it may have grown and spread in that time.. I have a 4yr old and a 21 month old and the mere thought of having advanced cancer, simply because I was laughed away after my mammogram 3 years ago makes me so mad, and just PETRIFIED of what it might be. Cry


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    Yes, there are things like that which are benign.  Fibroadenoma, schlerosing adenosis, fat necrosis (do you have implants?).  There are other actual tumors of the breast which are not cancer.  Another poster on there just told the story of her totally unexpected result of a rare and benign breast tumor.  Her doc thought she had cancer and she didn't.

    Just go get it looked at and don't let them off the hook til they give you full analysis.  Best thing is biopsy, that tells all.  Good luck and don't let them brush  you off.

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    No, I don't have implants. Can you send me the link to the other posters story?

    Appreciate your response :)

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    MY QUESTION: Has anyone else had a hard, immovable, painless lump near/against their chest wall that turned out to be something benign? What was the diagnosis....?

    I did.  Several years ago, before I became ill with unrelated illness, I was thin/athletic and had small AA breasts and a hard lump at the chest wall that was hard to biopsy but they managed it.  It was a benign fibroadenoma, which is a hard lump, but harmless "tumor" that is not cancer.  They are, I understand more common in younger women, but my first one was found in my late 30's.  This site has good info on them.  The mods will be along soon with links, no doubt.  :)

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    Thanks Katee

    I've been doing some reading about fibroadenomas, and my only confusion is that most websites say that they are 'easily movable'... the lump I have feels immovable and almost as though it's attached the my chest wall...
    Was your moveable like they describe it to be? Or was your more like mine and immovable...?

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    My lump was also against the chest wall, kind of hard, and seemingly attached. Just got back my biopsy result and it is a benign fibroadenoma. I was so worried just like you. I hope and pray yours is benign also. Please take care. ((Lots of hugs))

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    Hi Tricky85,

    I have the exact same problem, hard fixed lump that feels attached to the breast wall. I am 28 too and I felt it for the first time around a month ago. I have my ultrasound tomorrow. Have you had any news about your lump? 

    The wait and not knowing what my lump is it really having a negative effect on me.


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    Greewich, she hasn't posted again, so I'm guessing it was benign.

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    Ladies I am just about to turn 30 I have a 4 week old newborn and I have been crying my eyes our for the last 3 days because I just discovered a large lump on my left beat right against my sternum. They say it seems to want to move but doesn't and I am being rushed for a biopsy. Your posts have given me immense relief as everything I have read suggests cancer except your experiences. Just wanted to say thanks and I can now try and relax. I hope

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    Hi Erin. We are sorry for the worry that brings you here, but wanted to let you know that you're not alone, and we hope that lump turns to be nothing but a benign mass. Until you can be tested, we hope that you'll be reassured by the information at the main Breastcancer.org site called What Mammograms Show: Calcifications, Cysts, Fibroadenomas

    Best wishes, and please keep everyone here updated on how you're doing; we're all here to support you.

    The Mods

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    I just turned 16 and have the same thing accept mine is painful every now and then. My doctor told me to wait 3 months to see if it goes away but I dont really know what is wrong! It scares me!

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    Hi Kiersten and welcome.

    Because of your age, it's more than mostly likely it's related to hormones, esp since the pain comes and goes. follow your Dr.'s advice. If it's still there, have it check out again, and know this. There are all kinds of lumps and bumps that can happen to our breast and have ZERO NADA ZILTCH to do with cancer.


    A link for teenagers with breast concerns

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    Ticky pls what was your result concerning this

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