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Mithra Intim Gel For Vaginal Dryness. Your Views?

A very hearty hello to all Smile

First of all, I want to make it clear, that I am not a doctor or an expert to recommend anything. Please consult with your specialized doctor regarding any medication. This is just a discussion of us ladies to help each other. Thank you!

My gynaecologist had recommended me with a gel - Mithra Intim Vaginal Gel for vaginal dryness. As I heard I got scared that definitely this would be a hormonal one.. and I discussed it with my doctor. She explained it to me that she knows I'm a ER/PR+ BC patient taking Arimidex medication and she will not recommend what's not good for me. I had to double-check so my mind could believe that there's no harm in using this gel. So i googled it.. and found very few but convincing websites. There was this doctor on the website (i will provide the link) who said ''Yes, Mithra Intim is a safe vaginal moisturizer for breast cancer survivors. It has no estrogen so there is no risk of inducing a recurrence of cancer.'' My gynaecologist also made it clear to me that there's no estrogen etc. in the mentioned gel.

I felt so glad that I've finally found a moisturising vaginal gel, thanks to the good doctor. I've applied it 2-3 times too, recently bought it. Till now, I don't feel any discomfort due to it. Instead I feel good down there.

But the worrying thought that's overflowing in my mind is: Why do I not read about it (the Mithra Intim Gel) over here? Or over any other Hormone Positive Breast Cancer Patients? Is it because it's not sold where you live? Or is it because it is not safe as it says? Or is it just that many of you aren't aware about such a gel? If that's the reason then it would be beneficial for us all to share the info about this gel with our doctors to see what they say.

Would be really appreciative if those who know do make things clearHappy