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Dry Brushing Lets talk about it here



  • spookiesmom
    spookiesmom Member Posts: 8,102

    Binney is right, be careful. That is how I got a major cellulitis flare. The lavender oil has antiseptic value, be sure to use the mix. 

  • LindaKR
    LindaKR Member Posts: 1,304

    i just read lavender can increase estrogen levels, any of you know anything about that?

  • Dejaboo
    Dejaboo Member Posts: 761

    I hadnt heard anything about that LindaK.  So I did a quick search ...Found this discussion here on BCO:

    And here is a more current discussion on the 3 boys that were in the study in 2007 :

    I believe that everyone has to make their own decision on if they are comfortible using or eating things, etc. 

    I feel ok using Lavender & will continue to use it.

  • peaches12
    peaches12 Member Posts: 28

    I'm going to try dry brushing, so need some advice on brushes you all like.  

    I've been dealing with lymphadema in my right arm for over a year and where I am now is as good as it's going to get I'm afraid.  My therapist agrees unfortunately.  Sleeve and glove during the day and compression wrapping every night. I only wear nothing if we are going out socially. So I'm ready to try dry brushing.

    Any help you can give me will me greatly appreciated.  

  • carol57
    carol57 Member Posts: 1,550

    A week ago I started trying dry brushing, but not on my LE arm--just a bit nervous about that--instead, on my leg and especially knee that's swelling every day because of recently diagnosed arthritis.  I'm pretty pleased with the results.  It seems to be expediting the lymph movement, because swelling does reduce within an hour or so of brushing.  I stimulate the groin nodes and do the usual MLD deep breathing before using the brush, then sweep up toward the groin.  I don't have concerns about skin breaks on my leg like I do on my LE arm, although if this continues to work on my leg, I might try the technique on my arm with added precautions such as Binney suggested here.

  • Blessings2011
    Blessings2011 Member Posts: 1,801

    I don't have LE, but have long wanted to do this for all the other great benefits!

    (Plus, I'm sure my MFR/LE therapist and my Acupuncture doc would be pleased....)

    On another note - Glennie - I know this is late, but if you are having issues with the Kinesio-tape, there is a "Barrier Wipe" you can get that you wipe on your skin first before applying the tape. I'm pretty sensitive to adhesives, and the Kinesio-tape ran in strips down my reconstructed breast to eliminate excess fluid. It worked! And I never had any problems with the adhesive, as long as I used the wipes first.

  • glennie19
    glennie19 Member Posts: 4,831

    Blessings:  Thank you for that info!  I will check with my LE therapist about that!

  • glennie19
    glennie19 Member Posts: 4,831

    Bumping this one too. Can't wear my usual breast binder after MX, so I need to read up on things to do to keep the truncal under control while recovering!

  • SerenitySTAT
    SerenitySTAT Member Posts: 3,534

    glennie - Thanks for the reminder. I haven't been dry brushing lately. I do have a suggestion. My kinesiologist showed me a way to use a towel to manage truncal lymphedema. Hold a towel like you're about to wrap it around your body from behind. To massage your left side, hold the left end of the towel out in front of you and the right end behind you. With the towel against your body, pull the towel with your right hand. Pull only in this direction. Loosen the towel and repeat.

    My preferred method is to do it in the shower using a cloth like below. It's easier to grip and feels great.


    Hope you have a quick recovery!

  • SerenitySTAT
    SerenitySTAT Member Posts: 3,534

    I just realized you may have trouble holding the right end of the towel after surgery.

    Do you have one of those microfiber hair turbans? They come with a loop. You could tie the loop to a towel rod so you would only need to hold one end of the towel. Or a bath towel hanging on the rod and grip both ends with one hand.

    Then just move your body against the towel. It helps if the rod is about armpit level. Yes, I just tried it. ;)

  • glennie19
    glennie19 Member Posts: 4,831

    Serenity, Thanks for the info. So you hold the towel as shown in that photo, and then pull with the right hand?

  • SerenitySTAT
    SerenitySTAT Member Posts: 3,534

    You can place the towel as shown in the photo to do your shoulder, but for the trunk, place the towel under your arm. Then only pull towards your right side.

  • binney4
    binney4 Member Posts: 1,466

    Hi, Glennie,
    After surgery I used a new paint roller to access my back. That way you don't need to pull toward one side or the other (since you want to move the fluid only downward, not to either side since they'll both be affected), you can just roll straight down. If you get the kind with a long handle it's easier, and you can do it one-handed. I tried them out in the hardware store and got some, uh, interesting looks from other customers. Guess they thought I was planning to paint my back....

    Be well!

  • glennie19
    glennie19 Member Posts: 4,831

    Oh, the paint roller,, I remember you mentioning that before!! thanks!! There will be lots of new experimenting!

  • cowgal
    cowgal Member Posts: 625

    I thought it was time to bump this back up.

  • hugz4u
    hugz4u Member Posts: 1,818

    make sure you don't brush so hard you create micro tears and invite cellulitis but yah I think it's a good idea.

    When coming out of bath I hold each end of towel and drag it across my upper trunk about ten times.This effectively moves fluid across to non le side and is like dry brushing.

  • lw422
    lw422 Member Posts: 1,366

    I've been curious about gentle dry brushing and asked my LE PT about it. Surprisingly she said she'd not heard of it but would "look into it." I found this thread so I'm giving it a bump to see if others have jumped on the brushing train for their LE.

    If you use this method, could you explain how you do it? I've watched a couple of Youtube videos and the demonstrations seem much too fast in the movements when compared to MLD. Should the brushing follow the same pattern as MLD with the hands? Thanks in advance for any info.

    Binney--interesting about the paint roller! Could you say more about how you use that? Thanks!

  • homemom
    homemom Member Posts: 775

    LW422 I have tried this off and on, but there is a great link to a Youtube video on the first page of this thread

  • lw422
    lw422 Member Posts: 1,366

    Thanks, HomeMom! I've watched several videos but for the most part they are like the MLD instruction videos... each one seems to have a different "technique." I suppose it's just trial and error to see what works.

  • rah2464
    rah2464 Member Posts: 1,192

    I do this or some type of this. I am sure it probably isn't absolute correct technique but it feels wonderful once you develop a routine. I am kind of addicted to it.

  • lw422
    lw422 Member Posts: 1,366

    I have gotten into a routine with the dry brushing. I found a dog brush on Amazon that has silicone "bristles" that are much softer and easier on the skin than the natural fiber brushes. Also, the silicone seems to give a slight tug to the skin similar to MLD techniques.

    I tried a couple of paint rollers and don't see how that helps. It just "rolls" across the skin and doesn't give any skin movement at all. Next I'm going to try the exfoliating gloves. Whatever works!!