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Rash, Awaiting Biopsy Results, Scared

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Hi everyone. I'm 33 years old with a family history of breast cancer (paternal grandmother is currently a 15+ year survivor). Starting about a week ago, I developed a red, very itchy rash on my right breast. I have eczema, so I assumed it was just my newest flare up. I am still nursing my 2 year old daughter (!) at bedtime. image


I applied my prescription eczema medicine, clobetasol, and that seemed to to make the rash worse. Intensified itching, and spreading. I made the mistake if googling rashes on breast...and I can be a worrier.

I had an appointment with my dermatologist on Friday, and she said she thought it could be fungal, but would feel better doing a punch biopsy (I'm no stranger to biopsies, I've also had stage II melanoma at 21 years old). She gave me some Naftin cream to put on it and told me to come back for a recheck in 3 weeks.

The rash isn't responding to the cream. If anything it is spreading more. I do not have swelling, heat, or denseness associated with IBC, but I'm worried.

Can anyone share your early symptoms? I'm including some rash pictures just for conversation, not diagnostic purposes. The biopsy "punch" is shown up above the rash.

Thank you all so much!


  • LN3Girls
    LN3Girls Member Posts: 2
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    I'm posting a follow up to this for all the other women that will find their way here because the internet sends you directly to Inflammatory Breast Cancer for any rash that happens to be on your breast. As someone who has dealt with loss when the statistics of the circumstances were that it only happens 1% of the time, I found no comfort in the statistics and chances that it WAS NOT in fact cancer. I was terrified, but I wish I could've been more rational.

    I received the pathology report today and it is determined that I do not have cancer, but do have an allergic reaction and eczema. Dr. Google didn't give me much information on these benign conditions in my hasty internet search to stop the incessant itching, but instead there were a bunch of stories, articles, and boards about IBC. We need education on this rare, but aggressive cancer. But we don't need to believe every rash on our breasts is malignant.

    Please, everyone, try to keep your head about you. See your doctor, STAY OFF THE INTERNET, and don't freak out.

    I have read many stories and comments from the wonderful ladies here, and can tell you all that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

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    I am so very glad your test came back benign, and thank you for your thoughtful post. Hope you are feeling better soon!