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What does 4cm fn mean?

Gordon1982 Member Posts: 2
edited October 2019 in Waiting for Test Results

Just had Mammogram and ultrasound. Can anyone tell me what 4cm fn means?

There was one area in right breast where she look lots of pics and changed to what I think was a blood flow screen. Spent a lot of time there. Then the left breast same thing and took measurements and said 2cm fn. Lots of pics and measements in both armpits too.


  • Gordon1982
    Gordon1982 Member Posts: 2
    edited July 2016

    Yes there.a location...

    Left breast 2 o'clock 2cm fn

    Right breast something o'clock 4cm fn

    Don't remember the exact location numbers. At first thought it was a 4cm mass and mass. Then realized that would be quite large... on the screen the right breast thing she was measuring was the size of a nickle. The left one was a bit bigger than a pea.. smaller than a dime on the screen.

    She spent alot of time measuring my lymph nodes too. Lots of pushing around.

    Guess all I can do is wait and see what the Dr has to say. She said my doctor will have the results in 2.days...

  • Armyfam5
    Armyfam5 Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2016

    Good luck with everything...and yes, it does mean 4cm from(f) nipple(n)

    Have a great day

  • thisiknow
    thisiknow Member Posts: 88
    edited October 2019

    Oops... sorry

    Thanks for that.

    It'd sure be nice if they'd simplify the Biopsy reports. It looks quite a mess. :)